HFT New grad offers

Google / Eng GoogleEmp
Apr 10 5 Comments

What do new grad offers for this year look like at the top HFT firms?

Also I wanted to tag DE Shaw and Jane Street but they’re not on blind apparently?


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  • Jane Street Capital fundfj
    Do we not appear until we have enough people on here to get a company channel? They would explain it.
    Typical new grad offer we give out is 230k-280k depending on which parts you count.
    Apr 11 2
    • Google / Eng GoogleEmp
      Yeah not sure, when I search for Jane you don’t show up.

      What’s the breakdown of the offer?
      Apr 11
    • Jane Street Capital fundfj
      200k base, 30k signing, 30k-50k annual bonus.
      Apr 11
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    JS isn't really HFT, I think.

    HFT pay for new grads is pretty insane. I hear 300-400 first year from Jump, HRT, Tower. Makes me wish I knew it was that high so I could've studied C++ when I was in school -_-
    May 12 0
  • New ASXX02
    ~250k tc, higher in some cases
    Apr 11 0