HR wants "real feedback" from sales team - how real should one be?

Jun 4 3 Comments

My cousin works in sales at a mess of a growth stage startup (grew too quick, everything is chaos) and has a grossly incompetent boss (he lies about caring for his kid while he's actually off doing a side hustle, clients literally drop deals because they hate working with him, has changed her incentive structure 4 times in 6 months, etc.)

HR reached out to her wanting to get some "candid feedback" about her boss and how sales is run. How much would you hold back? She's afraid of retaliation, but cares about the company and wants to fix her situation.


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  • bumble
    I have been at two startups where this has happened. In both employees setup a throwaway Gmail and emailed in their feedback.
    Jun 4 0
  • Charter xlyq06
    Be brutal and anonymous. If it already sucks it wont get much worse, so the flipside of that coin is heavily weighted
    Jun 4 0
  • McAfee mIrt65
    No upside in being brutally honest. It just isn’t in your interest to “call someone’s baby ugly”. If you have an idea for improvement that’s different but feedback to HR isn’t going to help anyone. It will reveal how real the ‘non-retaliation’ policy is.
    Jun 8 0