HR1044 going to house next week

New jXJo31
Jul 6 28 Comments

Folks, fyi the bill is going to house next week.
Looks like it will pass this time...
Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I am indian btw.
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  • Amazon dighit
    This is definitely going to pass both the House and the Senate. Rand Paul is just a smoke screen... That's all I have to say for now.
    Jul 6 9
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      Immigration Voice - the Indian lobby that wrote the bill and is pushing it throughout Congress. They are incredibly racist and hypocritical.

      They've recently launched an attack on senator Rand Paul because he was one of the people blocking their bill in Senate. They're calling him a human trafficker on Twitter and are accusing the nurse staffing agencies of the exact same things the Indian sweatshops have been doing over the past decade, which lead to their backlog
      Jul 6
    • Amazon dighit
      According to you, the nurse staffing agencies are doing the same thing as Indian sweatshops. So they shouldn't be doing it, should they? Senator Rand Paul shouldn't be supporting them, right?
      Jul 6
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      No, not according to me. According to Immigration Voice, which is a complete fabrication
      Jul 6
    • Apple / Eng Marijuana
      The Indian sweatshops are bad and the (mostly Filipino) nurse sweatshops are also bad.
      Jul 7
    • Amazon / R&D ATTE75
      And Trump?))
      Jul 8
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    • Amazon Beff-Jezos
      Don’t involve Chinese. The wait time is around 3-4 years. This bill doesn’t change anything.
      Jul 6
    • don't pretend it's going to be merit based when Hr1044 gets passed. It's simply going to be first come first serve based (how's that a merit? ), or whomever has the most patience and desperation....
      I would even argue that people with actual merit will look somewhere else since people with good merit can get good jobs in many other countries as well, whereas people with limited options are more likely to actually wait 10 years until they get their GC.
      Jul 6
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      @TLead you must be kidding, right? Either this, or the IV has done really good job at misinforming people. HR1044 is the opposite of a merit based system. It would reward low level backlogged Indians from sweatshops at the expense of all other 190+ countries
      Jul 6
    • Facebook 44ffb4fb
      It's not good at all. Already Indians have been abusing the EB1c managerial category and this has caused the deserving people under EB1 to wait as well. I don't think anyone from EB2/3 will have a comparable merit to some from EB1a/b. This country needs diversity and not scammers.
      Jul 6
    • Oracle / R&D TLead
      Oh well, I’m just trying to understand what the bill is guys? I thought if it’s based on merit, like school, pay, level of education it would help. Can someone briefly explain what it is?

      On a side note, I just read the whole bill. We don’t want this to be passed. I mean seriously, it would be abused big time.
      Jul 6
  • Apple / Eng Marijuana
    If it includes the Grassley amendment from the Senate (creating an online job board where all H-1B jobs must be publicly posted for 30 days so Americans can apply), that would be very good.
    Jul 7 0
  • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
    It's true that HR1044 is going to House vote next Wednesday. It may even pass. But don't panic. The bill is blocked in Senate by multiple senators. Further, the bill that goes to House is out of sync with the one that has been introduced in Senate. If they pass House they'll have to sync it up with the Senate one and then it will get blocked by C.G. and even more people.

    What IV is doing right now is a stunt for donations. Their leadership and their overweight lawyer Leon have found a great way to make money out of the gullible backlogged community
    Jul 6 2
    • Apple rzoI28
      Those lawyers and leadership will make peanuts out of the donations. Come on! They are wonderful people working for a good cause. They have been working for more than a decade to get this bill passed. One of the leadership is an American citizen, he does not have any incentives to work but he rather works for a good cause.

      I wish more backlogged Indians come together to raise their voice and educate the congressmen about this serious crisis.

      Indian fellows, join IV and contribute in every possible way. If you don't ask, you won't get anything.
      Jul 22
    • EPAM Systems ExplodingBanana
      Oh your lawyer is making peanuts? Well that explains why you can't get anything done
      Jul 22
  • Amazon / R&D ATTE75
    It wont pass Senate
    Jul 8 0
  • I don't think so. Any source to back up your claim?
    Jul 6 1
  • Microsoft


    Expedia Group
    Pointless. Similar bill passed in 2011 in the house, but senate bill was blocked like now and nothing happened. Bill’s dead
    Jul 6 0
  • eBay engcgh
    Could you please ask companies like amazon,google, Facebook have a country quota on hiring?
    Because those companies also apply for green cards for their employees
    Jul 10 0
  • When will be the better time line for passing the bill? I heard that after the October of this year, if it doesn’t pass, it will be very likely to die. I am just curious how the Congress process those bills?
    Jul 6 0