HR's on here, please suggest.

Conduent dollykdd
Apr 17 5 Comments

I got hired in September 2018 and my H1B petition has been pending since then (upgraded to premium in Feb and received an RFE in March). I spoke to my hiring managers during the interview process and haven't talked to them since.

Would it be okay to ask the HR if could touch base with them?

I do not have their emails so cannot directly email them and so have to go through the HR.

Please suggest if that is an okay thing to do, just want to touch base and stay in contact and know what their plans are for me since it's been so long.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    Sure, I see no issue with this.
    Apr 17 1
    • Conduent dollykdd
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Apr 17
  • F5 Networks zapzap.
    Don’t touch base. Can get you fired!
    Apr 17 1
    • Conduent dollykdd
      Why :D? What's wrong with getting in touch with people you could be working with for the foreseeable future?
      Apr 17
  • Hubspot MrMagneto
    Get in touch with them. It’s completely reasonable for you to ask for an update and also how you might be able to help with the RFE or other. Also, shows you’re invested in staying and being compliant with immigration policies.
    Apr 25 0