FactSet BRUN33
Feb 25 9 Comments

Is it required to pass all test cases of hackerank for the interview. I just gave squarespace Hackerank with all test case passing but 1 test case timing out. Just got a rejection email.

Any suggestions on companies who too obsessed with this Hackerank? I would prefer applying in ones who don't.


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  • Squarespace pNCA76
    The hacker rank for squarespace is pretty straightforward. It’s not meant to be a gotcha or leetcode bullshit. It’s pure, applied programming. If it’s timing out it’s because you’re writing really inefficient code that would cause performance problems in production. It’s meant to save both your time and ours if it’s not a fit. Sorry it didn’t work out.
    Feb 25 1
    • WeWork / Eng cmbj
      Agreed. Squarespace’s hacker rank challenge was one of my favorite because it’s something you would face on the job.
      Mar 7
  • FactSet


    Bridgewater Associates
    Sadly, yes. The principle is that the test cases are representative of the different edge cases, as well as performance requirements (space/time), that your code should pass. While I agree that the 0/1 is unfair, but to the credit of the company, you have more time and less distractions (explaining yourself verbally etc) so you should be able to do well.

    That said, the silver lining is that there are some places which have ridiculous requirements for your interviews, and some which are more lax. Chalk this one up as a failure and move on to the next set of interviews.
    Feb 25 0
  • Cisco ABGslayer
    A lot of companies I’ve applied to recently have been giving them out before phone interviews. Even some startup in SF are doing this too.

    I recently received a hackerrank for palantir after applying online
    Feb 25 3
    • FactSet BRUN33
      Did you clear it?
      Feb 25
    • FactSet BRUN33
      Personally I prefer telephonic over hackerrank, where you have an option to present your point. Hackerrank is a headache box... and irony is it provides a 0 or 1 scenario...
      Feb 25
    • Cisco ABGslayer
      I agree with you on the 0 or 1 comment. I didn’t do the test yet
      Feb 25
  • Morgan Stanley flkxx
    I passed the squarespace hackerrank with 2 failed test cases. Then I was given a take home assessment where I missed 1 test case and I was rejected from there.
    Feb 25 0
  • New bh64b
    In my experience yes unless its 100% on HR then you dont get an interview its really impersonal and shitty but is what it is
    Feb 25 0


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