Hadoop distro companies are dead .. change my mind

Informatica fdmnjhstk
May 29 12 Comments

MapR laying off dozens of employees. Cloudera/Hortonworks doesn't look good specially considering EMR, HDInsight, Databricks picking up.


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  • Lyft TEHm35
    Absolutely- these companies missed the bus by not being cloud native .
    May 29 0
  • Cloudera XmMK81
    Exactly .... whoever thought of “Cloud Era”. Sounds as stupid as “Micro Soft”.
    May 31 2
    • Nvidia ethercoin
      Yeah the name Cloudera is dumb af
      May 31
    • New / Other

      New Other

      Did stuff. Hustled hard. Retired
      There’s only one of these you’d never want to hear... in bed
      Jun 4
  • Databricks x77la
    Databricks is disrupting all of them!!
    Jun 11 4
    • Oracle iOFR21
      you wish
      Jun 11
    • Databricks x77la
      We disrupted mapreduce with Spark and Hadoop as a filesystem is obsolete in the cloud vs aws s3 & azure’s, so?
      Jun 11
    • Oracle iOFR21
      Cloud is the biggest disruptor. Yesterday it was Hadoop, today it is Spark and tomorrow will be something else.
      Jun 11
    • LinkedIn spark1234
      Jun 14
  • Cloudera XmMK81
    I *love* Nvidia tho. Brilliant name!!
    May 31 1
    • LinkedIn / Eng

      LinkedIn Eng

      MapR Technologies
      Jun 7
  • Nvidia bit-coin
    Their names alone sound dumb
    May 30 0


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