Hail Damage - Expensive to fix?!

Cisco / IT vzIq77
Jun 18 7 Comments

I drive a honda civic valued at approximately $9000. Hail storm from a couple of weeks ago caused nearly $4000 of damage according to an estimate from a nearby 5 star (google ratings) paint-less dent repair shop.

I was shocked by the price. I figured it would be around $1000 or so, which is what my deductible is. The damage appears to be minor and can only be seen clearly on the hood up close in daylight conditions.

Would I be making a smart decision if I pocketed the insurance payout and didn’t repair the damage, since it’s simply cosmetic?

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  • IBM gh3g1
    Pocket that money for sure, you just hit the jackpot
    Jun 18 0
  • LinkedIn beotbtys
    Yes, pocket money, and continue to drive if it doesn’t bother you.
    Jun 18 0
  • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
    How do you pocket the money? All major insurance providers pay the repair shop directly. You dont come in between. Youd only get the money if you choose to go a unauthorised service center and ask the insurance to pay you instead of them getting billed directly by the service center, at which point youd lose any future claims if they determine that your service center did a botched up job for this time. This is what my insurance had told me , hence i went with the authorosed service center (the one that the insurance provider works with directly) and they have a lifetime warranty on their repairs.
    Jun 18 3
    • Tableau krxi15
      Yes but in this you are not doing any repairs at all so there is no warranty to worry about. You just take the money from insurance by showing them a quote
      Jun 18
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Yeah what i am trying to get that insurance might want the actual detail of the work done. How else they are supposed to know if yhe service center has quoted market rates? In either case OP should post this in r/insurance to get a better opinion
      Jun 18
    • LinkedIn beotbtys
      Insurance doesn’t care about the work done. You give them quote, they give you a check directly. They only pay the shop directly if you leave your car there and tell them to pay the shop
      Jun 20
  • MZ / Eng

    MZ Eng

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