Hair color

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Jan 5

What is the safe and effective way to color hair black?


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  • Amazon / Engnbvvccgg
    Die and get born again with black hairs
    Jan 51
    • Microsoft OlЮ
      +1. Works for me.
      Jan 6
  • Bank of The West / Consultant

    Bank of The WestConsultant

    Cisco, eBay, NetApp, VMware
    Google it dude
    Jan 50
  • Microsoft baaaaallls
    Jan 60
  • Amazon lolwhat
    Almost all good brands in the market have their dyes ammonia free and completely safe in every way. I use Revlon.
    Jan 60
  • Facebook NewYear19
    printer ink
    Jan 60
  • New TYjc83
    How about you get touch of gray. “Look like you have the energy,
    AND the experience”
    Jan 61
    • Facebook / Biz DevKhakis
      Tech is an army of children. Grey is only useful at very high levels.
      Jan 6
  • Facebook / Biz DevKhakis
    I use Feria #20 once a month. It will be shitty the first two or three times then you will be a pro. Do it on a Friday night so the dye can wear off your skin where you fucked it up before you go to work Monday.
    Jan 60
  • Amazon / EngfHUg57
    Be an Asian or African.
    Jan 60
  • Capital One / Engda2de2se
    Wear a wig
    Jan 60
  • Be asian
    Jan 60
  • Tesla / QA
    Le Tigre


    Le Tigremore
    Become goth AF
    Jan 60
  • L’Oréal or Goto a salon
    Jan 60

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