Handling PIP (Performance improvement plan)

Crew aXFh35
May 9 4 Comments

I got a PIP, first ever in my career. I had been performing poorly for six months but got a raise last four months. Can you believe part of my poor performance is not participating enough?! Startup life for you. I'm expecting to be let go no matter what improvements I make because the timing doesn't make any sense. Blind community, can you help me understand what my options are at this time especially regarding unemployment. I haven't signed anything but I did agree to make improvements. Many thanks everyone!


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  • Taboola eidYwnq
    Most pips are not actually performance related but a political move. The fact they gave you a bump in salary and fair notice is a nice thing. Take this as a big hint and start looking elsewhere ASAP. Try your best at your current work space but don’t over-exert yourself and instead use that energy to find a new job. Good luck!
    May 10 0
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    I agree 100% with Taboola. Polish your resume, ask for referrals, and interview
    May 11 0
  • MemSQL Bpzj47
    As someone who has, unfortunately, had to put a few people on PIP's, eidYwnq is correct. Of the 3 people that I've put on PIP's, I would have fired everyone up front if it weren't for HR requiring this process. Of the 3, only 1 actually changed his performance to the point that I would have kept him around. That said, he went out looking for a new job when we initiated the performance improvement plan.
    May 13 1
    • Crew aXFh35
      Did you keep him around or did you fire him? How did you know he was searching for another job?
      May 13