Has anybody here felt that Dropbox isn't a fair employer?

New TaaT11
Jan 4 18 Comments

I remember them mentioning 'having work authorization' as one of the criteria in the requirements section of the JD. They removed it now perhaps.

Also for more context talking about Diversity:

This picture was posted on a special Black Diversity occasion fyi


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  • Amazon / Eng FruitCake
    Wtf? That's not what equal opportunity employment means.
    Not having work authorization isn't a protected class like race, religion, etc

    Please read up on these things before becoming a SJW. It will help your cause
    Jan 4 4
    • Google Mmkaay
      And not having a black person in the picture doesn’t mean they are unfair towards black people. SJWs are dumb AF
      Jan 4
    • Broadcom Ltd. rFkd21
      I don’t expect you to be a seasoned politician but don’t be dense @Mmkaay. Obviously it’s bad optics to release a press photo on a pro-AA day w/o AA.
      Jan 4
    • Microsoft hellobyby
      Only bad optics to idiots
      Jan 4
    • Google go/
      Click the link. It's from an event on women in leadership, not African Americans
      Jan 4
  • Oracle redvsblue
    Diversity doesn’t just mean having black skin. 🙄 Two of the people in the photo are probably LGBT or something.
    Jan 4 0
  • Blizzard others
    Who cares only my mom uses them lol
    Jan 4 0
  • Facebook public2
    Work authorization is a common job requirement
    Jan 4 2
    • Intel UGeJ58
      Next, we will have to specify human applicants. So much animal discrimination.
      Jan 4
    • Facebook public2
      Maybe not that far but very few company's are willing or able to handle non eligable talent.
      Jan 4
  • LinkedIn / Product gassoup
    Immigrant here: H1B is not a right, it's a privilege. If you don't like it just go back to where you're from or find a way to become a citizen. Sucks but such is life.
    Jan 4 0
  • Oracle Leadpaint
    Work authorisation is also a legal requirement. Isnt it illegal to employ people who don't have work authorisation? What's the next post going to be about? How US border security is discriminatory for not allowing people without a visa in the country?
    Jan 4 0
  • Dropbox / Eng

    Dropbox Eng

    OP I see that you are spamming this in other threads as well, who hurt you?
    Jan 4 2
    • Dropbox samp
      Looks like OP was rejected by Dropbox recently.
      Jan 4
    • Microsoft blind1186
      Jan 5
  • Dropbox / Eng avalon
    Not sure what OP means by “having work authorization”. We do sponsor H1B. And I know many people working here under H1B, including myself. We also have African American working across various functions.
    Jan 4 1
    • Oracle redvsblue
      I think OP just mad he didn’t get in and probably Indian, so he thinks Dropbox doesn’t like dark skinned people who need visas. Projecting.
      Jan 4
  • Facebook <? hh
    It just means a company doesn't want/can't afford to spend $$$ on immigration lawyers to do the paperwork for the work authorization. I'd be very surprised if this was the case here though. A small startup yes, but not Dropbox.
    Jan 4 0


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