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Has pmsing made you cry/ get emotional even when you did not want to?

Amazon Almonds09
Jan 9

Yesterday, I was having a design discussion with a senior engineer and in the middle of discussion I got really emotional and teary, even though I did not want to. I had to take a break to freshen up myself. I felt so embarrassed later.


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    • Hudson River Trading YIpX04
      Wow, what a shitty response - people like you are the reason women don’t enter tech. Get the fuck out.
      Jan 9
    • Eckel sounds like my previous boss who I wanted to throw my sandals at ;-)
      Jan 9
  • Amazon brazzil
    I just shoot blood everywhere, people love it
    Jan 92
    • Amazon KlQa52
      If this is trolling this is messed up
      Jan 9
    • Amazon brazzil
      If you think it's trolling, you're messed up
      Jan 9
  • Microsoft pock
    It happens, its hormones. You did the right thing by recognizing it and taking a break. No need to be embarrassed.
    Its not what you feel but how you act on those feelings that matters. If you had started screaming, that would have been inappropriate. But stepping away was the right thing.
    Jan 90
  • Salesforce


    I take two days off every month because of intense pain. I can't get out of bed. I do cry and get emotional. Hasn't happened in work setting because I'm good at maintaining moderation in front of people and also I'm too sick to go to work.
    But I once had to leave a meeting because of dysmenorrhea and just sent manager an email saying just that.
    Jan 100
  • Yes, I have been emotional and wanted to throw my sandals at my boss who was nagging on some silly shit. I just got up and left for a restroom break.
    Jan 90
  • Amazon JMsQ33
    Is there anything we mangers can do to help with this?
    Feb 24
    • Yes, please don’t ask too many details about why a woman wants to work from home 2-3 days in a month or after every 3 weeks. A lot of us go through shit load during these few days and also couple of days before and after .
      Feb 2
    • Amazon OfDp44
      Sure. That's some guesswork involved but I never ask anyone anyways if they have to wfh so that's not a problem at all. Anything else managers can help you with?
      Feb 2
    • Amazon cheese11
      That’s nice of you to ask. If you encounter similar situation you can ask them to take a break and let them be comfortable or may be take a day off depending on how bad they are doing
    • Amazon Holi.day
      Totally but as you know it's not something that will come up easily. But I do communicate my teams in general that they can work from home if the situation calls for it ..
  • Cisco sleepy_dog
    Yeah, but not in a work setting thank goodness.
    Jan 91
  • Yahoo qstpf
    Not in work setting. I generally keep my day low activity or take work from home
    Jan 110
  • Intel Namwoo
    All the time.
    Jan 90
  • Walmart.com fiVn5$!Br
    Been there.
    Jan 90

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