Has working on EC2 at Amazon paved doors

Aug 19 6 Comments

For those who have worked on AWS EC2, how desirable has it made you to other companies? Are Google recruiters constantly trying to steal you away? Would you work at EC2 again if you could go back in time?


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  • New / Eng tIHc13
    Companies tend to weakly like that I've worked with EC2, but I feel like having it on my resume and LinkedIn more just gets me lots of DevOps spam than it actually helps. I'm biased, though, I didn't like any of that stuff.
    Aug 19 4
    • OP
      Interesting. Thanks for the insight. I hate devops too.
      Aug 19
    • New / Eng tIHc13
      It's like: what you subsidize, you get more of. So my strategy lately is including it but deemphasizing it, "yes I can do this no I don't want to"
      Aug 19
    • OP
      What part of EC2 did you work on?
      Aug 19
    • New / Eng tIHc13
      @butterss rereading your topic this morning, I misunderstood, youre looking for people who worked AT Amazon? Never did that, I *used* EC2. My bad!
      Aug 20
  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    EC2 could mean anything from console to networking.
    Aug 19 0


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