Have Facebook onsite tomorrow. Any last minute tips?

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May 19 12 Comments


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  • ZS JBdv57
    Get some sleep and don't be late! Don't over think anything cause no one is looking for a stale robot to sit next to them, you got this
    May 19 3
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      I would have advised “masturbate”, but yeah this works too .
      May 19
    • Google lenajava
      +1 don't be late
      May 19
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Parsons Corporation
      @dynasty ...before or during the interview?
      May 20
  • Sleep well. Stay calm and hydrated (not too much though). Don't hesitate to take bathroom breaks.

    Oh! And good luck, you're gonna do great! Let us know how it goes. :)
    May 19 1
    • Facebook d00ng3r
      Don't you know Blind servers run on salt and haterade. Keep this positivity up and they'll explode.
      May 19
  • Don't fart.
    May 19 0
  • Amazon vkvtn3
    You're still gonna die irrespective of what happens tmrw
    May 19 0
  • How’d it go?
    May 20 0
  • New Screwy
    Postpone if you are not ready
    May 20 0
  • Uber GhPw30
    Try to relax and have a good time.
    May 19 0
  • Expedia Maddy1
    All the best!
    May 19 0


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