Have phone interview with facebook

Scotiabank XWAs00
Mar 25 9 Comments

Have the first (behavioural) phone interview with Facebook. What should I expect from the interview process?

I have 4 yoe, what should I expect in terms of level and compensation?

Also, which location should I aim for? If Menlo park, is Menlo park generally better than Boston? I'm interviewing at Wayfair as well.

Any tips? Already started leetcoding, should I filter on Facebook specific problems?


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  • New ...anon
    Yes, to leetcode filter on FB problems. Comp is very much banded to levels. Has the recruiter mentioned level?
    Mar 25 6
    • New ...anon
      It doesn’t hurt to; they might say no specific level has been determined yet.
      Mar 25
    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Bro. Quick question. So on Leetcode, they have many filtering for “facebook” and simalr conpanies. They have “facebook” card in Leetcode Explore section. Then they have “top facebook “ questions section on the main page right hand side (which shows a drop down of 50 most faq”, AND then still if you click “facebook” tag while solving a problem, it comes up with a list of 236 questions, which you can sort based on the recently seen ones.

      Since you may have done these, could you please let me know what is the best way to prep for FB?

      I have seen some questions definitely getting repeated but overall would like to know which “list of questions” to target and revise first.

      Thanks man !
      Mar 25
    • Scotiabank XWAs00
      Also is two months rly needed, would 3w work
      Mar 25
    • New ...anon
      The more you can prep the better. If you have got the runway, use it.

      @dynasty: I know FB likes DP questions. There are data points here on blind as well
      Mar 25
    • @Qualcomm - leetcode.com/tag/facebook

      Solve questions from above uri sorted by frequency
      Mar 25
  • Samsung sammy2
    This is what I did for FB.
    Even before appearing for telephonic, i practised leetcode for 2 months.
    Telephonic is generally easier. Could be two easy question or one hard...or one easy one medium. Totally depends on your response and the interviewer.
    As far as compensation is concerned, i would say one step at a time. Just focus on your interview.
    Boston is too cold, that's my complain
    Mar 25 0
  • Dropbox systest
    FB phone only has leetcode.
    Mar 25 0