Having second thoughts about the offer after accepting it.

Cvent / Eng kp93
Mar 5 12 Comments

So I accepted SAP offer 4 days back. While offering HR mentioned that they will try to expedite H1B processing(deadline April 1) but it is ultimately upto the lawyers at fragomen. I thought 1 month is a good timeline for processing. Now I am having second thoughts and serious dilemma that I am losing a chance with my existing company which will surely file H1B for me and fragomen on the other hand has bad reputation.
I am on my OPT currently and in the current government situation I don't want to lose a shot at H1B. How does it look if I tell SAP HR that I will join if my LCA can be processed in 2 weeks? I know on the ethical grounds it doesn't sound right in going back on the offer already accepted but I am in this somewhat unique situation bcoz of visa. Kindly suggest best course of action. I am in a serious dilemma and couldn't even sleep properly the last two days lol. SAP join date is April 1.
Yoe < 1 year
TC- 82k in ATL 120k in SAP (WA)


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    Stay with your current company. Lawyers hired by SAP are shit.
    Mar 5 2
    • Cvent / Eng kp93
      I have seen mostly SAP Concur employees having bad experiences with fragomen and not other companies. Is this more specific to SAP?.
      Also, if I say the recruiter that I will join after LCA is filed, will it result in losing my offer? As I accepted 4 days back I am not sure how they would see it. Do you know if SAP HR would understand the situation ?
      Mar 5
    • SAP TC-LOL
      How can you file LCA if you are not employed by SAP? I don't thin this is possible. In any case, I would not trust whatever SAP lawyers say.
      Mar 5
  • Amazon kuchnai
    Fragomen has bad reputation? I thought they were pretty good. Isn’t it true?
    Mar 5 1
    • SAP 13371
      I had only good experiences with them so far.
      Mar 14
  • SAP iwVB26
    Fragomen is just the worst immigration company ever. They always answer your emails when it is already too late. They are really, really slow. I would put my fate on their hands.
    Mar 5 0
  • PayPal RightRight
    You can say that to HR, end of the day your future is important and they can wait.
    Mar 5 0
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    • Amazon kuchnai
      Dude you have to right to complain about slow green card. Indians are waiting in the queue for 50 years.
      Mar 6
    • Amazon kuchnai
      Actually I re read your comment you’re talking about the company process and not USCIS. Makes sense.
      Mar 6
  • SAP 1user
    Run away from Fragomen as far as you can
    Mar 6 0
  • SAP / Data

    SAP Data

    Teradata, Cisco
    Fragomen will try to get your stuff done. But they wait till it's time sensitive. For example, I got issued an rfe. And if you have a deadline on the 30th of March, they will send your paperwork on the 28th.
    Mar 6 0
  • Synchrony ————
    I joined one of my company on March second week. Fragomen did file my H1B. Your HR / Immigration officer just need to communicate the urgency. If you communicate properly, Frogmen will file LCA today or tomorrow.
    Mar 5 0