Health insurance options at OCI seattle

Microsoft jobsrch
Mar 10 12 Comments

I'll be joining OCI Seattle soon and have been looking at various insurance options on benefits site. What are the popular insurance choices ? My wife is pregnant and due for delivery within few months . So what will be a better choice from the perspective of maternity benefits ?


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  • Oracle XVKz71
    I would take the highest option in your situation. It is by far the best plan I have ever seen. This is coming from seone who he had over 300k in medical bills on it.
    Mar 121
    • Microsoft srchdone
      Thanks for your response. Which particular plan you are referring here ?
      Mar 13
  • Microsoft ImAwesome
    You ask for advice and don’t even share the TC? Wow rude
    Mar 111
    • Microsoft jobsrch
      Sorry, this post is not about compensation. I already have a post with my TC details under compensation topic.
      Mar 11
  • HP / Eng


    F5 Networks
    I went with the OCI HSA plan. You can contribute to your tax free HSA balance anytime as opposed to the restricted FSA. The PPO plan costs more out of your paycheck but is cheaper per visit. All said and done if you go to the doctor a whole ton and peg everything out that year - both plans end up costing you the same. The HSA leaves you the possibility of saving if you end up not going that much though. Plus maternity is 100% free anyways. Costs about $210/mo for wife, baby, and I.
    Mar 120
  • Oracle OraBora
    go for thw ppo now and maybe next year or in future try HSA if you guys dont have to see a doc often.
    Mar 120
  • Oracle reticent
    Take uhc epo/ppo for the first year. Will cost more but peace of mind. Pregnancy and infant child in the near future requires utmost care. Good luck.
    Mar 110
  • Oracle PypPyp
    Kaiser operates in Washington too so that might be an option. Might be best to check to see if the doctor currently overseeing the pregnancy is on one of the specific networks.
    Mar 110
  • Oracle now@google
    There is an HSA, PPO and EPO. In the bay area there is also Kaiser. Of the first three PPO has always been the cheapest option for me (if you don’t go to the doctors, HSA would be cheaper) and you can go to any doctor with a PPO. No experience with pregnancy though.
    Mar 111
  • Oracle JamesDeen
    Mar 130
  • Microsoft fAuj64
    What's will be your TC compared to msft?
    Mar 100

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