Help Evaluate TC for Twitter SWE I

PayPal gqPx03
Oct 12 4 Comments

Years of experience: 8 months of internship at PayPal, 4 months of SDE full time at Startup based out of SF bay area.
Education: MS in Comp Sci (graduated in 2019 May)

Current TC : 115K base + 10K non qualified stocks + 10K RSUs

Job & location: Twitter Seattle (opting for personal reasons)

Looking for an estimate of Base, annual stocks, sign on, relocation. Could someone help with the figures?



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  • Unrelated but how was Twitters interview?
    Oct 12 0
  • HPE XWDd52
    Did you hear back?
    Nov 27 0
  • Twitter sthdegv
    Sounds low on all components
    Oct 17 0
  • Rally Health / Eng

    Rally Health Eng

    Software engineer (backend)
    Do you have any numbers?
    Oct 14 0


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