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Oct 24 3 Comments

Asking for a friend. Has 3 yoe as a backend software engineer. I won't put the names here, but atleast one is easy to figure out.

Option 1:
FinTech (Crypto) startup in Bellevue, WA
TC: 133k base + ~25k bonus = ~160k
Title: Software Engineer
Company size : ~500
Stack: C#, Azure

Option 2:
Non-profit Institute (Microsoft co-founder) in Seattle, WA
TC: 135k (no bonus)
Title: Software Engineer III
Company size: ~500 (division ~15)
Stack: Go/Java

Does taking lower TC for a 'senior' role, albeit at a researchy, non profit make sense? Tech stack expected to be more interesting at option 1. What do you all keep in mind when deciding between such offers?


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  • Bloomberg F.U. Money
    How is C# — the resume killer — more interesting than Go and Java?

    I’d take the extra 25K. The senior title is nothing more than a trick to get you to sign despite the lower TC. Also, I wouldn’t take a more senior title unless it comes with more money. Having to be evaluated at a higher level for no extra money is not what you want.
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  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Samsung Electronics
    Titles are, well, just titles. Only reason for chosing option 2 would be you love the non-profit and will feel good about working for them.
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  • Doesn’t make sense. Only for your pride. Most companies won’t care, they’d look at your YOE and how you do in interviews. 3 YOE and senior I’d just think it’s an inflated role and not truly senior anyhow.
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