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New zrxG18
Mar 4 4 Comments

My UX/UI design internship was with an early Ed-tech startup after I graduated last year. The team said will get an office in SF but eventually just ran the workflow by Zoom. I have to work remotely everyday. I think the work style is not for me, I need at least some other designers to discuss problem and blocks in terms of design and product.

What I feel struggled

1. I am not in the pipeline as the top HCI schools have with companies

2. I saw job posting and most of them just looking for senior designers who own products already launched and contribute in growth. Also some of the jobs I assumed would be “fake” job to meet the H1b sponsor posting requirement for their existing hires, so I don’t even get response back after I applied, makes my feel very confused and frustrated.

3. I don’t get feedbacks from the rejections so I cannot improve.

I would appreciate any help or refer from the community. Thanks!


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  • New / Engsparked
    Is there no way you can end up working in an office?

    It’s good you’re focusing on attempting to be mentored; bring it up with your manager and see if there is anything that they can do.

    I have a few JR people on my team that both work remote; I spend 4 hours with each of them twice a week and then on fridays my entire group does a 4 hour refactoring workshop in various parts of the code base. One of the Jrs was just like you and had expected to be in an office and brought it up so now we do this every week.
    Mar 41
    • New zrxG18
      Thanks for the response! This is my 1st post:)

      We only have an offsite every 3 months, but I feel no support from the small team with no mentorship unfortunately.

      I am seriously looking for new team to join at this point, but the job hunting is very frustrating for me in the past 2 months.

      I feel companies are not hiring Jr designers and I just want to get a clear picture to motivate myself to keep working toward the team finding. And also get some suggestions for directions.
      Mar 4
  • Salesforce FuIl20
    Go to portfolio review nights. We host them every so often, I'm sure other companies do too. Talk to people there and show them your work.
    Mar 40
  • Google dpdjiax
    DM me with link to resume
    Mar 40

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