Help me Apple-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.

New ktFx31
Mar 4 10 Comments

Been looking for an Apple referral without luck. I have interviews with google and FB scheduled but Apple ranks #1 for me. I have 5 yoe as SWE and a MS in CS. I am excellent with python.

If anyone is willing to chat or look at my resume / LinkedIn I’m happy to dm. I would appreciate it so much.


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  • Amazon Cynimist
    Apple seems like the quietest FAANG company on Blind. More Netflixers even.
    Mar 4 1
    • Apple VgahFff23
      You should see what happens when someone blasts a mailing list. 😂
      Mar 4
  • Glassdoor pgabi
    Your post touched my heart.
    Please help him!!!
    Mar 4 0
  • Apple / Eng cho Chang
    Mind sharing why u prefer apple over F and G?
    Mar 6 1
    • New ktFx31
      Because I like using hardware and operating systems that are well designed
      Mar 6
  • Apple tungsten19
    DM me
    Mar 4 2
    • Apple / HR SnVL04
      DM him
      Mar 5
    • Apple / Eng
      fb n00b

      Apple Eng

      fb n00bmore
      Don't DM me
      Mar 5
  • New ktFx31
    Hello, I was able to get a reference. Thanks for the responses
    Mar 5 0
  • Facebook / QA WPBL01
    Dm me
    Mar 4 0


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