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Fidelity Investments xanderm
Jun 20 5 Comments

TIA for your input. In Boston right now. Here's the rundown:

Interned in college at a large finance company. Company really liked my work, I stayed on as a part time contractor for two years of undergrad, doing full time each summer. During this time I was the only developer on several projects all of which went to prod and are used to this day by several hundreds of users.


One C#, leveraging existing services. WPF app.
One Scala Akka process, runs in HA Zookeeper and reads/writes to a distributed cache.
One SpringBoot service + Angular 6 app.
Some short cycle devops stuff, small stories here and there.

Since then, I graduated college and went in full time. I went to their new grad training program (mostly just for the free rent and stress free life for a bit). During that I built a node.js, angular, Oracle DB, and Hyperledger Composer application. POC, but after I left they got funding to bring it to prod.

After the training program I've built out another SpringBoot app + Angular (NgRx) application. With doing so, built out a suite of common libraries for my team that are all NgRx based. Handling common things like config, error handling, user prefs, etc.

I'm looking to apply for new positions in Seattle. I'm wondering, should I apply as mid level or senior? I have solid experience but I'm quite young for senior (24 in September). If I stay at my current company I know I'll get bumped to senior by end of year.


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  • Amazon / Product

    Amazon Product

    Mid level at best with any big companies
    Jun 20 2
    • Fidelity Investments xanderm
      Ok. So in that case stay and get senior or leave?
      Jun 20
    • Amazon / Product

      Amazon Product

      Up to you. Nothing prevents you from applying places and seeing what happens. No one is forcing you to take something different
      Jun 20
  • Bloomberg 1337c4lyfe
    L5 is out of the question IMO. L4 seems reasonable. Good experience.
    Jul 20 0
  • Akamai Technologies hpBF22
    Too long didn’t read it.

    Don’t take anything less than 150k base.

    One fiddy
    Jun 20 0


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