Help with back pain

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My back has been hurting since Monday. I think this started when I sat in a chair in a non ergonomic position for an hour. It’s somewhat bearable during the day, but when I’m sleeping it flares up. I’ll wake up at 4am and be really stiff and a lot of pain. I’ll have to take Advil and put Salonpas stickers to help. It doesn’t seem to be getting better. It’s primarily on my left side 3/4 of the way down. The sore area is around the size of my hand. Any suggestions or insights into this?


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    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    We are engineers and not doctors. Please consult a physician.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    • Salesforce lozere
      Looks like blind has become the first app people turn to for any problem.
      There needs to be research done on anonymous social media 😄
      Jan 11
  • Amazon / Eng Chad🕶
    Most likely it's just muscle pain. Go get a massage, you probably have a big knot on that one side of your back. Also do stretches each day. Is also recommend some type of exercise regimen to prevent the type of things in the future. Yoga/ pilates is good for core. And sleep on your back at night
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  • Addepar / Eng weeeeeeee
    Try holding onto a pull-up bar and just hang for a while. It helps decompress your spine. If you can find an aerial yoga class where you can hang upside down it would be even better. But also find a good physical therapist.
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  • Box / Eng Tumi
    Lay on your back. Put left foot flat on floor with left knee up. Twist and bring left knee over to your right side, touching the floor. Keep your shoulders in place. Repeat with right knee twisting the other way.
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  • Google WFrc18
    I can’t tell if there’s any improvement. It’s Sunday morning and I had this for almost a week. When I wake up in the middle of the night a little bit of a moment or even a bit of breathing and I feel the muscles in my back clench up and there’s significant pain. What’s odd is that I’m practically 90% better during the day. There’s pretty good back movement and almost no pain while I’m up and about. It seems to take off in the middle of the night.
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  • Uber / HR bag💀💀
    Stretch your: hip flexors, quads, IT-band, and glutes hard core.
    Get a foam roller and attack your ass cheeks with it. Also yoga.
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  • Google DelY13
    Physical therapy. They give you particular exercises, you do them every day. In couple weeks you are good
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  • Apple / Eng claimer
    Australian dream works miracles
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  • Microsoft ramare
    But penetrex cream from Amazon. It's great for muscle pain.
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  • Cisco


    Get an RX for 800 mg Motrin and generic flexeril
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  • GE vWjg66
    Some chiropractors do miracles if it turns into a long term problem. Likely, it will get better on its own. Sounds like you have some solid remedies to try at home.
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