High Frequency Trading in the Bay

Google BEqb63
Jul 6 12 Comments

Are there any serious west coast shops? I have experience with arbitrage bots but no fancy Econ background. How hard is it to get into this industry?


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  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    Most people would rather move to the east coast than wake up at 4am every day.
    Jul 6 5
    • Google BEqb63
      NYSE opens at 6:30am PST, doesn’t seem to bad. Do many other exchanges open at 7?
      Jul 6
    • NASDAQ ooo99
      All traders I i know are in the office at 7. I’m always in the office well before market open... realistically 6am would be your start time, do up st 430/5 at the latest
      Jul 6
    • NASDAQ ooo99
      Also you have no overlap with any of Europe which is important since most shops have operations over there as well
      Jul 6
    • Jane Street Capital / Eng kqFO47
      8:30-9 is fine to get in over here
      Jul 8
    • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
      Noon works for us
      Jul 8
  • Bloomberg / IT MagikMike
    Not worth it at this point. High frequency has been a tough business recently.
    Jul 8 2
    • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
      I disagree, my friends in HFT are still making fantastic money that's well beyond what FANG can pay, it's just not the old days a decade ago when people made millions a year easily.

      In a few years who knows, but I don't see anything wrong with grabbing some money while it's still around.
      Jul 8
    • Akuna Capital / Eng

      Akuna Capital Eng

      The industry is consolidating into an oligopoly with very high barriers to entry. Companies that can’t trade in the nanosecond space are left out, and those who can continue to rake in profits.
      Jul 16
  • Goldman Sachs fake engineer
    Headlands tech is the only one. You need to get up at 4, you can't just show up when the market opens...Work starts before that.

    Very hard to get in, you need to be a pro at C++ and low level stuff.
    Jul 6 0
  • Citadel kg124
    Jul 9 0
  • Jane Street Capital / Eng kqFO47
    No, just no
    Jul 8 0