High end fav restaurants in Seattle

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Sep 7 10 Comments

vito’s in first hill (live music)
pablo y pablo mexican restaurant
canlis near queen anne
the guilt trip in redmond

what are your favorites ?


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  • Boeing RFP
    agree w everything above. would add basically all the ethan stowell places (tavolata, how to cook a wolf), and many of the renee erickson places (boat street café, walrus & carpenter.)

    quinn's gastropub on pike for their seared foie gras. unbeatable in all the puget sound, including barking frog.

    cannot give away my favorite hole-in-the-wall/cash-only sashimi place. but will tell you for very high end, fancy sushi worth every penny- japonessa.

    for more relaxed, casual environment with fancy food and truly mind-blowing wine list... try purple café & wine bar.
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  • SAP RrWs73
    Ezell’s Famous Chicken
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  • Verisk Analytics pinkfloyd🎸
    Pink door😇 I’d kill for their dessert 🤤❤️
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  • Apple / Eng nosuch
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  • Cafe Juanita
    Barking Frog
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  • Appen WhoAmI4321
    Bis on Main (Old Bellevue)
    El Gaucho Steakhouse
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