Highest TC for Gaming Companies?

OSIsoft 1s9efA
May 3 8 Comments

In terms of compenation what company in gaming pays the best for SWEs? Always wanted to try out working in the industry but not sure which one.


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  • Facebook hts682g47
    Work at Oculus instead - we make some first party games and obviously support many third party game developers. So for many teams you'll still work on the same tech as you would working on the games themselves.

    Also I'm sure we pay higher TC than any actual game company. Much better WLB and perks as well.
    May 3 0
  • New / Consultant Dial 1 now
    If you've got VR or economics or ML expertise, apparently valve pays competitively. Otherwise meh
    May 3 0
  • Google googler78
    Does Oculus have a different culture from FB? I've heard less than optimal things about WLB@F
    May 3 2
    • Facebook hts682g47
      Oculus is pretty autonomous. In general WLB varies by team across FB, some are great some aren't. There's no single answer. But most of the Oculus teams are pretty good about that.
      May 3
    • Warner Bros. Skygreen
      How do most people feel about the move to Burlingame?
      May 7
  • Unity / Mgmt thugelmo
    May 3 0
  • Google tormun_d
    Epic pays shit load
    May 3 0
  • New / R&D mylttlpony
    I heard valve pays well. Some dude from epic I think said they made 450 tc
    May 3 0