Hired after being layed off

Amazon / Eng yourmum
May 28 7 Comments

Do you automatically get blacklisted/ no rehire if you're fired from a company due to performance?


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  • Amazon Gjdyveycc4
    Why would you want to go back to a place where you were dragged out
    May 28 3
    • Amazon / Eng yourmum
      getting fired from a company "due to performance" doesn't necessarily mean you aren't good enough, or it isn't a good company for you overall. It mostly depends on your team and manager. So if your manager just doesn't like you and manages to get you fired, I don't think it necessarily means that you won't find another team in the same company where you'll be a rockstar.
      May 28
    • VMware iterator
      I agree, so why not find another team while you are there then instead or waiting to get fired.
      May 28
    • Cruise Automation FtPw08
      In that case, even more reason not to go back. The process put too much power in the hands if your manager and didn’t work to put you in a better team. Your manager should not be able to get people fired because of personal grudges.
      May 28
  • Amazon Nozz
    Laid off != fired. Laid off means it was the company’s fault (ran out of money, downsizing, restructuring, etc.). Fired means it was your fault (poor performance, bad behavior, etc.). If you were fired you aren’t getting rehired.
    May 28 0
  • Tableau / Eng
    The Plague

    Tableau Eng

    The Plaguemore
    Bring laid off is very different from being fired for performance
    May 28 0
  • Microsoft yhirkigc&$
    Amazon marks as "not eligible for re hire" if put on pip/pivot/Dev list.
    May 28 0