Hiring SDE2s in Seattle for a new AWS product

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Amazon Eng

i am hiring for high visibility high impact AWS projects with no legacy code, lots of customers lined up, and a strong tenured management team. DM me.
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I am hiring SDE2s for a new team in AWS in Seattle making products from scratch. There is no legacy code. Our stack is serverless and built on 100% native AWS. Direct measurable business impact and lots of interest and internal customers already lined up. We offer excellent relocation packages.

Message me directly to find out more! Please upload your resume somewhere and send me a link as well when you reach out to me.

We mainly use typescript/javascript with react, node.js. We use a lot of AWS tech such as Lambdas, Step functions, DynamoDb, S3, Cloudwatch, etc.


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  • Uber uber>lyft
    Oh god on behalf of everyone who reads this no thank you amazon, come to Uber or basically anywhere else (except msft) where you don't need this BS kind of hype to sell a team bc your work actually will impact external customers visibly, the tooling isn't a complete mess, the management isn't complete asshats and you get more than free bananas for lunch
    Mar 20 2
    • Uber uber>lyft
      And no were not excited about glorified new grad terminal sde2 level with 5 15 40 40
      Mar 20
    • Tutanota / Eng UHsg86
      Yeah go to work at Uber to get top of the line training in sexual harassment
      Mar 21
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    Im a cat! 🐈 Meowww... Fancy feast is my favorite kind of kibbles 🐱
    You forgot to mention excellent PIP policy
    Mar 20 0
  • Qualcomm NqAf57
    Amazon, what qualifies as an "excellent relocation package"? I don't think it means what you think it means.
    Mar 20 1
    • Qualcomm newaws
      Yeah it means you have the worst relocation company ever to deal with. Or it means 10k if you take the lumpsum.
      Mar 21
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • Amazon / Mgmt

    Amazon Mgmt

    "sea." with a new account here. My phone crashed and reset my blind app. Apparently if you don't remember the password you set when you signed up, there is no way to reset your password. Long story short, I got a number of PMs but I can't reply to any of them. Please send me a message on this new account... the post remains the same. :)
    Mar 23 0
  • TD


    Why's everyone so negative? There are thousands of people who work there; all of Amazon can't be that bad.

    PM'd you OP.
    Mar 21 1
    • LabCorp / IT

      LabCorp IT

      May be things differ from team to team.
      Good luck!
      Mar 21
  • Amazon sozeb_ffej
    I'm interested as well, DM me the job id pls.
    Mar 21 0
  • Comcast kavx16
    I am interested as well. Currently working as a Software Engineer in Seattle
    Mar 21 0
  • Cisco bitset
    I would be interested
    Mar 21 0
  • New NcEf26
    Come get PIPed!!
    Mar 21 0