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Tech Mahindra
Feb 21 4 Comments

I have an impressive background as well as quite some experience in the field of Data analytics.
I have been applying to different positions in Deloitte but my application is going unnoticed and never get a reply back just like other companies.
If there is any Deloitte hiring manager here at Blind I would really like to get in touch with the hiring manager who is hiring for similar kind of job role.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Cisco ex2.19
    Did a vampire steal your soul or did you make a poor pact with the devil?

    Just trying to understand how one becomes soulless enough to actually want to work for Deloitte.
    Feb 21 1
    • New / IT

      New IT

      Tech Mahindra
      Why would you say so?
      Do you have a bad experience with the company?
      Feb 21
  • Deloitte / Consultant FHAs14
    Go on Fishbowl. Much better big 4 info there.
    Feb 22 0
  • Bloomberg i485
    then your background is probably not that impressive lol.
    Feb 21 0

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