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Apple warmwelcum
May 8 2 Comments

I am meeting bunch of realtors to guide me for the ultimate purchase of mu life. While meeting them for the first time what are some does and don’t? Eg: should I tell them i am meeting other realtors to finalize, commission rebates % etc.

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  • Amazon pancake02
    The agent that I actually selected convinced me out of buying a few homes. He highlighted all the negatives and issues with the house. If there would be any bigger issues or difficulties to resell. If it was overpriced. Sometimes it was frustrating (especially when I thought I loved the home), but I appreciated his honesty. He wanted to make sure I loved the home.
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  • Khan Academy Ssshhhhhh
    Let them pitch you. Talk to at least 3. Pick your favorite.

    Usually can’t negotiate the commission with the good ones, and you get what you pay for here.
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