HomeAway (Expedia ) vs Visa

Johnson Controls vivekp
Nov 2 19 Comments

Base : 148k
Bonus : 10%
401k: 0.5 $ match for every 1$ upto 5%
title : senior software engineer

Base : 138k
Bonus : 10%
401k: 2 $ match for every 1$ upto 5%
title : staff software engineer

Both of the offers are based out of Austin. I don't like to relocate to SF or Bay area. I also got calls from Amazon and google in Austin. I am in dilemma if I should take one of the offers or prepare well for interviews and take google or Amazon

I have total 12 yr exp..


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  • PayPal zwtU87
    Hi Vivek I appreciate you kept your actual name even in blind. Both offers seems to be very low for your experience. I did not work in Austin though
    Nov 2 2
    • Johnson Controls vivekp
      Never thought, I will post here. Not sure, how to update my username here
      Nov 2
    • Move rqGb71
      To change your username you just click on the 3 horizontal dots in app bottom bar, click edit at top
      Nov 2
  • GE / Product BYEGE
    That’s honestly about right for Austin, numbers thrown around here for Bay Area FAANG’s are always going to be worlds apart than most other roles. I will say the 10% bonus seems low, I’d expect to see between 15-20 for a Staff level role.
    Nov 2 1
    • Twitter crackerja
      It’s blind, 90% of faang people are lying about tc or have gone through a massive stock increase and are above their walk away by a long shot so it’ll only last through their RSU contract or until a recession.
      Nov 2
  • Expedia Group neverlose
    I would suggest going to indeed/google/amazon if you made senior/staff positions. Also you could try to get more for base. In both seems you are missing out on ~10k
    Nov 2 0
  • Indeed everAfter
    PM me for Indeed referral.
    Nov 2 0
  • Johnson Controls firstlast0
    I don't think it's VDDP. Because, I saw a different job posting for VDDP. I think the hiring mgr is either Karthik or Binyam
    Nov 4 1
    • Oracle den.klay
      Thanks, I think your are getting low balled offer in Visa.
      U can get base upto 170-180k in Austin for Staff SWE
      Nov 4
  • Expedia Group lineage
    I dont have an opinion between companies but two comments on the homeaway, (called "VRBO" now btw) offer...unless they have different comp structure than Expedia, the 401k match is up to 6% and I'm surprised the target bonus is so low given how high the base is (ie that's a fairly low level role target bonus but a high base...) I would have expected 12%. I guess it's possible homeaway still has a different structure than expedia....? (Visa doubles whatever you contribute to a 401K??? That's pretty great, never heard of that being offered by anyone)
    Nov 2 1
    • Expedia Group datamover
      Sr SWE bonus should be 17% now in Austin
      Nov 3
  • Homeaway doejohn
    No RSUs from either?
    Nov 6 0
  • Oracle den.klay
    Who is the hiring manager? If you dont mind telling
    Nov 4 0
  • Johnson Controls firstlast0
    It's infrastructure and platform team. Think it's called OC and I
    Nov 4 0
  • Oracle den.klay
    OP, is it Visa Digital Developer Platform (VDDP) ?
    Nov 4 0
  • Fuck HomeAway, vrbo and that entire umbrella
    Nov 2 0
  • Expedia Group / Eng getmesfjob
    Bonus is low for HomeAway.
    Nov 2 0
  • Bonus at Visa is a percentage of the base, that being said, it is anywhere between 10% to 20% for staff. The actual payout is dependent on the company performance and your performance ratings.

    The $2 Match for every $1 you put in 401k is pretty good deal. That adds another 10% to your yearly payout.
    Nov 2 0
  • Prep for Google/Amazon
    Nov 2 0


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