Honda Accord hybrid vs Tesla model 3



Apr 22 19 Comments

Should I get a Honda Accord hybrid or a Tesla model 3?
Accord hybrid costs 30k where as Tesla model 3 with auto pilot and etc costs 60k


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  • Microsoft .exe
    Model 3 is light years ahead. Test drive it and you'll have the answer
    Apr 220
  • Microsoft kotmat
    honda. tesla has very poor quality especially model 3 just search youtube
    Apr 220
  • Apple idcm123
    Having owned both they are both great cars. The Honda was a bit more sluggish but not as bad as a Prius. The Honda sense stuff is really nice but it’s no autopilot. Honestly, the Tesla is not twice as good as the Honda, and if most value is your driver the honda is a batter value. With that said the Tesla is way more fun, way cooler, and the drive feels like a luxury car where the honda did not.

    It really comes down to do you want to get a good value or a cool car.
    Apr 220
  • Microsoft M💰FT
    Apr 220
  • Google / Eng


    Top Contributor or GTFO
    Used Nissan Leaf.
    Apr 220
  • Salesforce


    These two cars are pretty much in a different class and offer very different things.
    What exactly are you looking for in a car?
    You have a lot of options in between the Accord and Tesla as well.
    Apr 220
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Also, be careful, they’re operating a delayed registration scheme so they can resell 2018 returned vehicles with 100-200 miles as new cars even though they’re used and have been returned.
    Apr 242
    • eBay dvgC31
      No they are giving 2-5k discounts on that car
      Apr 24
    • Microsoft FBisEvil
      As long as they aren’t selling them as new, which they have been. If they stopped, good
      Apr 24
  • Apple Yupp!
    M3 any day
    Apr 230
  • Microsoft FBisEvil
    Honda. They actually have spare parts if you ever need them and service centers to do the repairs. Tesla has underfunded both bc they are short on cash.

    Elon doesn’t care about this company. That’s why he embezzled from it to bailout his and his cousins insolvent solar city company. It about money. Elon has taken margin loans against his Tesla equity and cannot have the stock price go down too much, even if that’d be good for the company.
    Apr 231
    • Apple Yupp!
      I agree about the spare parts but where does Elon doesn’t care about the company come from, he is only CEO who is so hands on and from what I hear from news and my friends, he literally spends time on the factory line and get things done
      Apr 24
  • Don’t get a hybrid. This is pure bulshit. As if you are buying two cars!
    Apr 221
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      U mean hybrid or plugin hybrid?
      Apr 22
  • VMware moomoney
    Also if you think you'll get range anxiety get the Honda. Also not the hybrid.
    Apr 220
  • Amazon / Product


    Mustang is a better choice.
    Apr 220
  • Amazon / ConsultantADQa82
    If you have charging at home then model ,3 else Honda
    Apr 220
  • Oath / MgmtAtinlay2
    This is an apples and oranges comparison
    Apr 220
  • eBay dvgC31
    Test drive both and decide, Tesla SR+ with auto pilot is 39.5 k
    Apr 220

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