Hong Kong protesters pause to mark Sept. 11

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Sep 11 12 Comments


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  • Amazon chdyt728
    Can we trade our leftists for them?
    Sep 11 5
    • Intel D’s🥜
      You want people throwing Molotov cocktails at cops?
      Sep 11
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      HK cops are incomparable to US cops. If US cops were ever to start acting like HK cops have, betraying their own people for a Communist government, then yes.
      Sep 11
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    • LinkedIn SWJanitor
      Hot liberals? I only see a group of crying overweighted feminists in liberals.
      Sep 12
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      Don't forget the green/blue/purple hair, facial piercings, tattoos, and unfeminine clothing. But hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
      Sep 12
  • Microsoft TonyM
    I’m a fan of these protestors
    Sep 11 0
  • New FlXq26
    ♥️ Hong Kong. The true social justice warriors.
    Sep 11 0
  • Uber hUmh32
    If the Hong Kong protestors are aiming at a Western audience then they are masters of optics. If they want to persuade a Chinese audience, they have failed miserably at optics. To disrespect the Chinese flag, boo the Chinese anthem, desecrate the national seal while waving foreign flags, singing foreign anthems, and openly asking for help from foreign governments, what kind of traitors are they trying beat? Oh and they refuse to pause for any of China’s holidays whether it is the return of Hong Kong to China (7/1), Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan (9/3), Mid-Autumn Festival (9/13) while they put protests on hold for a foreign event (9/11)?! I don’t care what they are protesting for, but any ideology or cause needs to respect certain boundaries m. If you want to protest for change within China, you need to acknowledge that you are a member of the Chinese nation. If you don’t want to be Chinese and would rather be somewhere else that is fine—you don’t even need to leave Hong Kong—but the legitimacy of your movement inside China evaporates. China has no obligation to acquiesce to the demands of traitors and foreigners. Wang Jingwei, Wu Sangui, and Benedict Arnold would be proud. People who betray their country in the name of democracy need to be held accountable!
    Sep 21 2
    • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
      True. But I think currently the family/bloodline/race card doesn’t work anymore as protesters prioritize their own politics and don’t care about democratization in mainland China at all. Student demonstrators in 1989 had very well respected all these boundaries you mentioned
      Sep 21
    • Intuit www2

      See how CCP treats Xinjiang people in “re-education camp”. Some people describe it as concentration camp. CCP keeps suppressing human rights and fundamental freedom. Does CCP respect the boundaries?

      Also, as I mentioned in another thread already, British transferred the sovereignty of HK to wrong country. PRC doesn’t have the Treaty of Nanking. The treaty is in Taiwan. HK people need British government to fix this problem.
      Sep 22
  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    Anyone seeing another protesting turmoil on Chinese National Day in early Oct.?
    Sep 11 0


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