Hong Kong protesters pause to mark Sept. 11

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  • Amazon chdyt728
    Can we trade our leftists for them?
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    • Intel D’s🥜
      You want people throwing Molotov cocktails at cops?
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      HK cops are incomparable to US cops. If US cops were ever to start acting like HK cops have, betraying their own people for a Communist government, then yes.
    • FINRA oGs.Nada
      Trade out the hot liberal+leftist college girls for a bunch of ching chongs?
      Lmfao, we should deport YOU for suggesting that.
    • LinkedIn SWJanitor
      Hot liberals? I only see a group of crying overweighted feminists in liberals.
    • Concur / Eng Dr. Monkey
      Don't forget the green/blue/purple hair, facial piercings, tattoos, and unfeminine clothing. But hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.
  • Microsoft TonyM
    I’m a fan of these protestors
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  • New FlXq26
    ♥️ Hong Kong. The true social justice warriors.
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  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    Anyone seeing another protesting turmoil on Chinese National Day in early Oct.?
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