Hoping for referrals (Google / Microsoft)

New / Eng nightdrive
Sep 27 4 Comments

I'm interviewing for SWE, I think L4 Google / 61 Microsoft but not 100% sure. I'm already onsite at Microsoft (late October), and I have a remote scheduled with Google (mid October).

This is my first time interviewing with Microsoft.

This is my second attempt at Google. First attempt I interviewed for GCP, did interviews with HM / paired before HC, but did not make it past HC. Recruiter hinted that I only received 1 no-hire and must have been a close call. Was invited to a hiring event in Sunnyvale 6 months later and was asked to reinterview.

Some info on how I'm prepping:

- I have two LeetCode accounts because I didn't know about the "sessions" feature. One has 500+ solved, and the other had 700+ solved (but is only showing 400+ now for some reason).
- I have 80+% pass rate on interviewing.io.
- I've done every question on Pramp and have infinite credits and a 3.5+/4-star rating.
- I passed the TripleByte interview.
- I have a "Codility Golden Award (Molybdenum 2019)" on Codility.
- I have a whiteboard in my apartment that I practice on most days.
- 6 YoE.

I'm putting a lot of prep in and I think my odds are decent. If you'd like any more info feel free to reach out, I think you can get most of my contact info through Repher if you have a Google/Microsoft email:



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  • Facebook Spirez
    Holy shit that is some over preparation
    Sep 27 1
    • New / Eng nightdrive
      I don't feel over-prepared, but it's good to hear that.
      Sep 27
  • Salesforce risingup
    Good job on grinding LC. 💪 I'm sure you'll land somewhere nice
    Sep 27 1


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