Horrible experience with Facebook recruiting

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The recent experience I had with a Facebook recruiter for a TPM role, spanning over 3 months, is by far the worst I ever had. This experience stands out, as I have worked at and/or interviewed with other tech companies and all of them have displayed at least normal levels of professionalism.

Below is a chronological order of events:
- Applied for a position X through an internal referral and was contacted by the recruiter within a week for a different position Y (TPM role), which was to be honest a better fit.
- The recruiter asks for phone screen availability for the following week. I provide the details the same evening.
- No response from the recruiter for the entire next week. I follow up toward the end of the week, asking if the phone conversation is still on.
- Recruiter says he didn't see my response and asks for availability for the week after, to which I provide my availability again.
- On the day of the phone screen, recruiter asks if we can move our call by 1 hour to which I agree. Phone screen goes well and at the end of the call, recruiter asks for my availability for the week after the following week to schedule a call for the next step of talking to a team member. I respond with my availability for the requested week over email after the call.
- No response from recruiter even at the beginning of the week when the call was supposed to be scheduled (10 days since phone screen) , and on following up, the call gets scheduled towards the end of that week.
- Phone interview goes well and interviewer tells me an onsite would be scheduled and recruiter would get back to me with details.
- On not hearing anything back from recruiter, I follow up with the recruiter 5 days later to see when the onsite would be scheduled.
- The recruiter replies that details are being worked out and asks me for my availability for the following 2 weeks for coming onsite, which I provide by the next day. The recruiter says that I should be hearing the finalized onsite date by the end of that week.
- I hear nothing back and at the beginning of the following week, the recruiter gets back over email saying there would be no onsite as somebody was identified for the role.
- I respond back saying that it has been a very negative experience especially to hear about the onsite cancellation after being specifically told that one would be scheduled. I thank him nevertheless and ask him if he could refer me to a different role which I found to be of interest.
- The recruiter offers to call and explain the situation, and agrees to refer me to the role I was interested in during the call. No confirmation of any referral after this.
- 2 weeks later the recruiter reaches out again out of the blue, saying hiring needs have changed and if I was still interested in an onsite for the TPM role.
- Recruiter asks for my availability, the onsite date is finalized, I was notified by the end of that week without any new hiccups and scheduled to be onsite at the end of the following week.
- Onsite interviews were professional and were like what one would expect from a company like Facebook (however the interviews weren't easy, which I heard was a good sign, as I was told that if the interviews seem easy or pleasant, it was tending to a negative outcome). While seeing me off at the lobby after the onsite, the recruiter tells me that the team should have a decision by the beginning of the following week.
- On not hearing back, I reach out to the recruiter mid-week, asking if the team had come to a decision from the onsite.
- I receive the generic templated rejection email as a response from the recruiter. I thank him for getting back and ask him if there's any feedback that could be shared - what went well and which areas do I need to work on, for any potential future opportunities. No response to this till date.

It is unfortunate that while the work culture at Facebook is touted to be among the best, the recruiting experience such as this leaves a very unprofessional and substandard impression.


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  • Microsoft ONCY32
    what are the onsite questions
    Jun 19 1
  • Bloomberg errors
    Who said work culture in facebook is best?
    Jun 19 0
  • Chase / Eng 8==D~
    Par for the course, my guy. Don’t take it personal.
    Jun 19 1
    • Ingram Micro / Other NIzR12
      I’ve never experienced that level of tardiness, backtracking and non responsiveness with any of the companies. Seems to be the new norm!
      Jun 19
  • Facebook's culture is a shit show. Company is gliding on top of a great platform, but how long will that last?
    Jun 19 1
    • Trimble YjiM70
      Where do you work?
      Jun 19
  • Microsoft AxBax
    This seems... normal?
    Jun 19 0
  • Facebook cochococho
    Looks like you just got a shitty recruiter, like those you can get at any company
    Jun 19 2
    • Ingram Micro / Other NIzR12
      Fair enough. But I’ve heard similar Facebook recruiting experiences from friends, potentially indicating that this could be unique to Facebook, so was compelled to post here.
      Jun 19
    • Facebook cochococho
      Ive heard of similar experiences from all FAANGs and unicorns. There are just some shitty people trying to hit quotas and being terrible at their jobs. Im sorry for your experience, but I wouldn’t say this is “culture”, same as you run into shitty engineers everywhere
      Jun 19
  • Nuage Networks / Product NeoPM
    Had a similar experience interviewing for TPM tole at FB earlier. The recruiter are below par compared to other FANGs
    Sep 12 0
  • Salesforce hosana
    Give Dem onsite interview deets
    Jun 19 0


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