Hospitals like Kaiser in Redmond

Microsoft hurrican3
Aug 31 10 Comments

Is there a hospitals that have all facilities in the same building in Redmond area? We had been using Kaiser for a long time, and have recently switched to Blue Cross Premera after the relocation.

Unfortunately Kaiser CA and Kaiser WA works independent, and they do not share medical records.

We were happy with Kaiser, but just wanted to try different option this time.

The one of the best parts in Kaiser was they have a mobile app and you can directly write a message to your doctors, make an appointment and order prescribed medicine using the app to your address.

We are looking for kind of similar hospitals in Redmond area.

Any suggestions?


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  • Microsoft hurrican3
    Which hospitals are the biggest and have all of departments in the same building or campus?
    Aug 31 1
    • Microsoft Dev2.0
      If you’re looking for the top-ranked, most integrated system, that’d probably be UW (but can be slightly more expensive than others in terms of price). If you’re looking for top-ranked overall just on the east side, that’d be Evergreen.
      Aug 31
  • Microsoft / Product MIA🍆
    Virginia Mason is set up like that.
    Aug 31 3
  • Microsoft Dev2.0
    Most of the systems here have electronic systems with which they integrate. I haven’t seen one that doesn’t also have a messaging portal with it.
    Aug 31 0
  • Microsoft / Eng coolbloke
    Evergreen? Overlake?
    Aug 31 1
    • Microsoft hurrican3
      As long as it’s in Redmond, it should be fine
      Aug 31
  • LinkedIn / Other hct
    Kaiser has a program called health anywhere (i think) that allows doctors to view your medical records from other regions (from SF, went to school in Oregon and never had an issue)
    Sep 14 0