How I may resume my interview with Facebook

Oracle HUGO96
Jan 30 10 Comments

I got a little funny story with the interview process at Facebook.

I passed Facebook phone interview in last July. Later before I took my onsite interview, both the recruiters I was in touch left Facebook. A few months later I managed to get connected with one of the recruiters via LinkedIn, she introduced me to another recruiter at Facebook. However, this recruiter told me the position I was interviewing for was no longer valid. I thought I was just interviewing with a general backend engineer.

Any clue how I may push the Facebook interview process forward given the situation here?


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  • Amazon sos567
    Fb has hiring freeze for E3 and E4 across usa. Atleast thats what the recruiter who i am in contact told me. They are only hiring E5. I got this info last week
    Jan 30 4
    • MathWorks CHop75
      Huh? I am interviewing with them right now for E4 I am pretty sure, and recruiter hasn't told me that...
      Jan 30
    • Oracle HUGO96
      Hmm... OK. But I do see people with various of YOEs/levels are interviewing with FB currently.
      Jan 30
    • AQR eitud
      Can confirm what amzn guy said
      Jan 30
    • Big Switch Networks script
      I crushed a screen over a week ago and the recruiter is telling me they are waiting on the hiring manager. I wonder if they are attempting to use the interview feedback to level me. I have 5 yoe tho
      Jan 30
  • Amazon edyewhitec
    I had a phone interview with them earlier this month. I assume the outcome was negative, but the recruiter never even bothered to let me know. Sigh.
    Jan 30 0
  • Doesn't Facebook team match AFTER hire instead of recruiting for a position?
    Jan 30 2
    • Oracle HUGO96
      This is what confused me as well. I simply want to resume my interview process to see how far I can reach.
      Jan 30
    • Oracle HUGO96
      No. I didn't apply to any specific role. The recruiter directly reached out to me in the beginning. It should be just a general backend role based on my conversations with the recruiters.
      Jan 30
  • Oracle hky69
    I got rejected in phone and not getting a second chance. I got an offer from Amazon though
    Jan 31 0