How are reviews done in Facebook?

Microsoft señ0rita
Jan 19 8 Comments

Is there is a curve? Is it true that if you have an ok-ok semester you should start packing?


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  • Facebook zuccc
    You're usually fine having a bad half. If you get two in a row is when you're in trouble. But plenty of people have an off half and don't meet all expectations and then bounce back the next half.
    Jan 19 5
    • Facebook newsfeed
      The opposite also happens. Rockstars got burnt out and then being managed out after 2 MMs
      Jan 19
    • Facebook zuccc
      I've always been annoyed at people who work 80 hours a week to get the best rating possible and then complain about burning out. I have seen E3 to E5 all able to cruise and get meets all and exceeds without working extra hours or doing anything crazy. If you want to ruin your half for a little extra money then that's on you, otherwise push back on your manager.
      Jan 19
    • Facebook Dogfart
      +1 zuccc. Being a rock star isn't grinding 80+ hours/week. Being a rock star is getting that work done in sustainable fashion.

      Not promoting grinders who burn out is the right thing to do, at least sometimes. If you can't perform at the next level in a sustainable fashion then if you have to drop back due to burnout you will per definition be an underperformer. Sad but true.
      Jan 19
    • Facebook / Eng sodajr
      Depends upon manager and team. I got GE, EE consistently in infra with 45-50 hours. I switched to product and getting MM this half. I am E5. Product is a compete shitshow
      Jan 19
    • Facebook zuccc
      I'm E4 working 35 hours getting MA, maybe EE in product. It definitely varies by manager though
      Jan 19
  • Vudu


    Bloomberg, Polycom, L&T Technology Services
    I was interviewed for product (video). Can I select infra or any other team during bootcamp.
    Jan 19 1
    • Microsoft señ0rita
      During my interview they told me that you can change team during bootcamp.
      Jan 19


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