How are salary negotiations at Salesforce?

Microsoft iUyO16
Jan 19 8 Comments

I am posting this for a friend.

Do salary negotiations depend on the team one picks incase of split loop? What can one expect for architect role in Salesforce?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Fastly ugggh
    Long hours. That’s what you can depend on at Salesforce. Regardless of role.
    Jan 19 4
    • Salesforce / Ops sQfm63
      I would say that depends on the org. Except for special circumstances we have a really good work/life balance
      Jan 19
    • Salesforce


      Salesforce, DocuSign
      Yeah I would say long hours is the exception not the norm
      Jan 19
    • Salesforce :w!
      Long hours at Salesforce? Is it when people work 30hrs/week instead of 25?
      Jan 19
    • Salesforce / Design FuIl20
      No way. The average engineer shows up at 10 and is out the door by 5. With an hour lunch in there.
      Jan 19
  • Salesforce whorizon
    WLB is awesome
    Jan 19 2
    • Salesforce $CRM
      The best
      Jan 19
    • Amazon zzzzz18
      Applicable for professional services too, example- Program Architects etc.? I assume that must depend on the client/customer?
      Jan 19