How can I ask a company to E-Verify themselves?

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So I’m an international student/Electrical Engineer and I can only work for e-verified employers.

I found this job at a startup that matches perfectly with my profile. I applied online and have my first phone screening tomorrow.

And this company is not e-verified (not listed on the official e-verify portal). I will be asking them if they are e-verified or if they plan to apply soon. But if they’re not, how do I ask them WITHOUT making them lose interest in my profile?
I know they are not going to e-verify their company for someone random but I don’t want to not ask. And I don’t want to lose this opportunity because someone from recruiting doesn’t like my resume because I might require sponsorship in the future (not sure if it works that way, does it?)

The company is a small startup (50-100 people) and I really want to work there. The job application did ask me if I needed “sponsorship for work authorization” and I said No because I already have work authorization. I don’t need sponsorship for he next 2 years.

Anyways, has anyone been in this situation? How did you go about it?


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  • Apple RcvW67
    Everify is a very easy and fast process for companies. It can take them a day or at most a week to get it. Just ask for it. I am also international and went though the same process. It took the ceo or start up 6 hours to get it!!
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    • OP
      May 2
    • Compass 905
      Also, make it so that they want you enough to go through the “trouble”
      May 2
  • Facebook liam
    Even if they don't have it now, they definitely would need it in future, no real reason for them to delay it.
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