How can a rising senior in an unknown school (Towson) get internships at Google, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Uber?

New naire
Jul 14 5 Comments

Associate degree in cybersecurity
Currently majoring in computer science (software security and cyber operations track
6 months coop at a credit union
Currently an IT Security Engineer II at a local community college.

Thank you.


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  • Capital One alltech
    Unknown? Not true at all. Don’t doubt yourself. Get awesome grades.
    Jul 14 0
  • Avanade MohyCS
    Build 3 projects worth showing on your resume, get involved in organizing or competing in a hackathon, start a computer science club or join one at your school, list the CS courses you took. Do competitive programming online and show your ranking on your resume. Google recently made a video about how to structure your resume which might be worth watching.
    Jul 14 0
  • New naire
    Hey, thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am yet to build any projects, but I am actively involved in the cyber club, computer club, and I'm on the cyber defense team for the college. Playing competitive cyber capture the flag challenge. I'm also participating in various cybersecurity programs. I will start building good projects this semester.
    Jul 14 1
    • Avanade MohyCS
      Google us a cyber CTF contest as well. Try it out some time
      Jul 14
  • Varian Medical Hb62kL
    Impress someone. Build something.
    Jul 14 0


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