How did you track and report your crypto taxes . Any recommendations for same

eBay CEbi00
Oct 27, 2018 8 Comments

Looking for back file for 2017 and 2018 later, for my loss reporting and tax loss harvesting .
Apps used - Coinbase , gdax, binance
Any useful suggestions or tips to handle this efficiently would be great πŸ‘πŸΌ


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Front App whrC31 has services to help you out with that
    Oct 27, 2018 0
  • Conduent sAhI83
    Writing off my losses
    Oct 28, 2018 0
  • Don't use coinbase's internal tax reports. They're ludicrously wrong. I used coin tracker as well and it got all my tons of transactions between tokens. Just make sure you have all your wallet addresses handy so that it can look up your transactions on the various blockchains.
    Oct 27, 2018 0
  • Expedia bfvgfbv
    Do you need to report if you haven't harvested yet?
    Oct 27, 2018 1
    • eBay CEbi00
      I had some realized losses earlier this year in ripple , and moved assets back and forth between binance and Coinbase gdax. So finding it difficult to report . I want to gather this to have this loss reported to offset with any future gains
      Oct 27, 2018
  • Amazon / Eng ChadπŸ•Ά
    Try checking out this site
    Oct 27, 2018 0
  • Valorem Trynasmash
    Crypto taxes LMAO. Two words: don’t lol
    Oct 27, 2018 0
  • State Farm / Eng 599
    Coinbase has a way to calculate how much you bought sold. IIRC crypto is considered as capital.
    Oct 27, 2018 0


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