How do I become better software engineer?? #Microsoft #Amazon

Microsoft sde@msft
Jan 21 15 Comments

Want to understand what an engineer at SDE 2 level in Microsoft/Amazon should be working on to improve as a software engineer in long team.. Most of the work which I do feel like it's not helping me improve as Software Engineer... Want to understand how do one work on improving system architecture and design understanding...

Feedbacks and resources from experienced professionals welcome..

Thanks a tonne...


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  • Amazon / PR jefe_bezos
    Look at every single code review, understand it, comment on it. It’s annoying, you likely won’t understand most at first, and few actually enjoy doing it, but it’s paramount. Understand your system better than anyone else on your team. Once you become the expert, people put their trust in you, then more opportunities present themselves.

    If your response is “that sucks I don’t want to do that”, then either learn to schmooze or accept that you’re average.
    Jan 21 2
    • Okta doomsday
      Great answer
      Jan 21
    • Amazon LegacyCode
      Great answer. I’d also add to design hypothetical features on top of this system to understand its extensibility and limitations.
      Jan 21
  • Amazon TCSlave
    You just need to do the needful.
    Jan 21 3
  • Microsoft horizontal
    Nobody replied with the best obvious answer.

    Leetcoding. Thats what makes you great software engineer. Your next employer will be impressed by it.
    Jan 21 0
  • Amazon gnVV23
    Run yourself the way you run it if were a publicly traded company.
    Jan 21 0
  • Microsoft / Eng SwitchJobs
    Same for many people at many companies. People don't always work on architectures, design patterns, object oriented programming, etc. in their daily lives. Grab any opportunities you get to work on version 1 projects. The best way to keep these concepts alive is to keep interviewing whenever possible to avoid rusting your brain.
    Jan 21 2
    • Microsoft / Eng po'boy
      "Don't always work on object oriented programming in daily life"- what ? Are you doing functional programming all the time ?
      Jan 21
    • BwLd38
      Golang baby!
      Jan 21
  • Cruise Automation aZhfAffHf
    Eat another smarter eng. you are what you eat.
    Jan 21 0
  • Amazon Melgizecci
    Start an interesting personal project with similar technologies that u use at work.
    Jan 21 0
  • Google / Eng catburglar
    By moving out of Microsoft.
    Jan 21 0


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