How do I get interviews/calls from Bay Area?

Morgan Stanley gKbQ71
Mar 6 11 Comments

Currently work at Morgan Stanley in NY, 2 YOE, Looking for jobs in Bay Area.

Tried LinkedIn premium, sent bunch of inmails to recruiters, applied on their careers page with SOP like cover letter.

But no use.! :(

I am not sure how do I proceed? Just have a phone interview scheduled with Uber for now, and that's it.



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  • Ostk bros
    Same here, I didn't use a referral. Applied to only bay area based company, got 6 total offers and 3 FAANG among those in a month plus plenty of calls for next rounds. Apply online and reach out to people. Make sure your resume is quantifiable and precise.
    Mar 6 0
  • Apple 8Je9ba
    First, the Bay Area blows goats to live in.

    Second, how long have you been trying? We can’t give much advice without more details or by seeing your resume and cover letter, which you shouldn’t post here, but there have to be some kind of red flags in them. Either your experience isn’t relevant, they’re written poorly, or you’ve moved around too much for them.

    Third, screw referrals - I applied to Apple on their public jobs site and got hired the first time.

    What do you do and what are you applying for?
    Mar 6 2
    • Morgan Stanley gKbQ71
      Its been 1 month, since I have been doing this.

      If you can take a look at my resume that would be great help.!

      I work for front office trading team, deals with swaps business, system I support/develop handles more than 100k orders per day with ultra low latency. Its been backend development in C++, python and linux env. I am looking for Backend and/ or full stack development positions in Java/C++ because before my Masters I worked for another bank for 4 years as Full Stack Developer.
      Mar 6
    • Workday ku34$_4
      Same here I had no referrals and applied via public websites. I had to respectfully decline onsites for couple of startups as it was not possible to fly coast to coast every week.
      Mar 6
  • New Sugary
    Referral - pretty much the only thing that usually works
    Mar 6 2
    • Morgan Stanley gKbQ71
      I do not have contacts who work at these companies, then how do I get referrals?
      Mar 6
    • Have a solid GitHub profile or something else that shows you are a good dev. Then hit people on LinkedIn, usually people are responsive. Also look for engineering managers who always put in the title saying "hiring engineers or something"
      Mar 6
  • Uber / Eng

    Uber Eng

    Im a cat! 🐈 Meowww... Fancy feast is my favorite kind of kibbles 🐱
    Why do you want to come here this place is a shit hole sausage fest. Apply for NYC offices of bay area companies.
    Mar 6 0
  • Amazon BlindBoss
    Make sure you mention that on your LinkedIn, you will start hearing from recruiters from bay area.
    Mar 6 0
  • Morgan Stanley flkxx
    It's a lot harder if you need visa sponsorship
    Mar 6 0
  • Referrals mostly. Also check out hired and Triplebyte
    Mar 6 0


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