How do I move into SRE without losing title/comp levels

New nakt50
Mar 9 4 Comments

๐Ÿ‘‹ been in engineering for 5+ years now in the Bay Area. Started super small doing front end, switched companies in the next role doing backend + a special project (EMR cluster and a data analytics pipeline built on top), switched again to where Iโ€™ve been for ~3.5 years now doing everything infra (hosting, VPC maintenance & automation, security management and questionnaires, on call triage, etc...) + standard development (BE + FE).

Iโ€™ve now reached senior title for software engineer but Iโ€™m not sure how levels work for SRE or what my comp expectations should be, currently making ~$180 TC


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  • Facebook @fb@
    Apply for Production Engineer at FB. It pays the same or even better than SWE. If you can clear an E4, TC would be 250k or more.
    Mar 9 3
    • Lenovo #!
      What's that interview like?
      Mar 9
    • Facebook @fb@
      Coding, systems (ask a lot about OS) and behavior, sometimes networking if you are interviewed for networking related position.
      Mar 9
    • New nakt50
      Whatโ€™s the responsibility like? How does the network position differ? Having been at smaller team-size companies for most of my career Iโ€™m trying to figure out where I line up in terms of actual placement responsibilities
      Mar 9