How do kill this stupid salary comparison crap on blind

Cisco VKFU58
Oct 31 31 Comments

is there a way to perm kill this stupid idiotic salary comparison sidebar from blind? In safari there is no way to close this or kill it. Its obnoxious as hell. blind is getting worse by the day. When is someone going to spin up a competitive site?!? Place is packed with SWE's isn't that hard.


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  • Amazon broke&dumb
    I just entered my info, turns out I'm making $67k less than the median for my level. WTF I'm absolutely traumatized.
    Oct 31 12
    • Microsoft NotYourHR
      Any real ideas other than general suggestions? I mean you left out all the good details.

      Sounds like lots of people accept the status quo because they're still comfortable enough with it. I mean, we're software engineers arguing how much more than 6 figures we can make, not day to day laborers. You can always vote with your feet. Think of yourself as your own union.

      Not that I think things can't be better, but right now it's up to the individual. People get misdirected easily with highly 'polarizing' issues for example the pay gap between men and women. Why aren't we fighting about the pay gap between employees and business owners regardless of gender instead?
      Nov 1
    • NotYoHR! Quite shrewd, yes me the “union” needs to align incentives with the “corporation” becoming one.

      Ok this can be a lengthy discussion so we can start at the concept level first.

      There are very, very successful corporations that operate as cooperatives but none that I know of at scale.

      So in taking this cooperative idea...

      Give voting power to your employees, empower individuals and teams to self-organize.

      The only caveat is individuals/teams that do not hit their baseline results, do not get votes. The autocratic model comes in because changes aren’t done and results aren’t hit the corporation will suffer.

      Now, we’ll need to address the potential chaos since you can’t have people moving around too much.

      This is where we mix the model again. For given team/department, you’re allowed votes but there are certain restrictions such as you can’t move around freely until you prove that you can train others to replace you = opening up you to create new products and the corporation sharing in ownership/risk with you.

      Now there’s another incentive to make sure managers are rewarded because come on, I have trained ppl so well and once they move to another team the incentives for me to continue to do so decrease.

      We track how well trainees do with managers and the longer the trainee stays and the better results the trainee gets, managers earn performance incentives over a 4 year period as an example regardless of where they go.
      Nov 1
    • Basically the idea is the same, corporation should incentivize how much better and faster ppl can achieve results and reward them.

      In the case ppl leave to start their own company, I would want first right of refusal or if the relationship is good enough they would let me be their first angel investors.

      The corporation has an advantage to derisk the investment b/c these ppl have been proven at work (and if great ppl left to do their own thing the corporation will continue to adjust intraprenuer incentives so it’s properly aligned for both b/c the end goal is to make the cooperative bigger and stronger for everyone).

      Because come on, if you make moves that dramatically alter the success of the company, I want you and I want to pay you more for it.

      Vs now, the corporation extracts the majority of that value and you end up with more shares. That’s not truly competitive enough.

      Hence that is why I started my own company. I’ve helped companies scale, why would I continue to do it and not own my work and ideas.
      Nov 1
    • Microsoft NotYourHR
      Interesting alignment of priorities. Do you have any whitepapers or case studies where this has worked? Curious to know if employees end up gaming the system by forming voting blocks, etc.

      I love disruptive business ideas like that employer who paid all his employees the same amount which was way higher than average.

      If your cooperative model would really work, what's holding it back from just taking over the tech landscape right now?
      Nov 1
    • There’s this cheese cooperative in Wisconsin I believe. All members benefit and share profits as all employees are owners.

      It works because the quality is high and the specialty of the cheese can’t be produced elsewhere.

      It’s just how do we modify this to scale because the administrative part will burden a large business.

      Re: whitepapers, none. When my startup is more successful, that is how we prove it by winning with it.

      Employees cannot game it due to sheer focus on results. You have your benefits and freedom if you are successful after all as long as the business keeps winning the winners can continue to dictate how things go.

      The moment they do create voting blocks, there should be incentives to whistleblow it and address it.

      The beauty with voting is management has to make sure the culture also prevents this or else they don’t get their rewards.

      And with voting, the individuals who work hard will also deter this. They will vote to work with other hard working ppl to win and when the votes come in we’ll find out who is less likely to work with who else.

      This is hopefully the genius part of it. I mean we all know in work who’s the hustler and who’s not. And it happens to often mgmt can promote the wrong ppl.

      Empowering ppl to make decisions on who should form their teams removes mgmt of personalities and allocates more time for mgmt to support teams to win and focus on results — this hopefully will help remove bureaucracy I’m the boss so I say so kind of shit.

      Whole Foods has a great team model for this, it works and they vote off people the team doesn’t want to work with.

      Of course it can be abused, as long as you hit the baseline results you can decide not want to work with someone even if they are the best (it’s human nature and biases).

      But overtime when competition intensifies, this favoritism model will evaporate b/c nothing matters more than survival.

      Hence we hope with scale, the best who care most about results will drop these biases and focus on winning over ego.

      Remember Queen, Queen wouldn’t be Queen without the conflicts and creative pressure between the members, each fighting and challenging each other to be better.
      Nov 1
  • eBay Venezia
    TC or GTFO 😁
    Oct 31 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

  • Morgan Stanley / Finance MSC007
    TC is like the A/S/L of workings adults
    Oct 31 2
    • What is TC? I need an abbreviation hand book.
      Oct 31
    • Motorola / Eng middlename
      Total compensation, the only thing that matters to blind users
      Nov 1
  • TC and GTFO ☠
    Oct 31 0
  • Cisco
    🦙 Alpaca


    I am the Alpaca. DM me if you want to cuddle.
    🦙 Alpacamore
    Build a chrome extension for yourself and have the element display none
    Oct 31 0
  • There are lot of design flaws on blind. Sometimes the comment fails to get posted. And Everything you typed is just lost. On Android, if you just accidently swipe left, it goes to parent page, and you'll lose the comment you were typing.
    Oct 31 1
    • Yeah didn’t they raise funding.

      Why is it difficult to swipe within my type area and so many of these little annoyances.

      My guess is they aren’t using their own app as much as we are 😅
      Oct 31
  • Square ygkotsf
    The goal is to be the last person to post in the thread
    Oct 31 1
  • Akamai Technologies Akamai 
    Oct 31 0
  • Google harre
    some people were spamming as the alternative, looks like its mostly college right now, but it does allow workplace signups in the app.
    Oct 31 0
  • Facebook a000000000
    So what's your TC?
    Oct 31 0
  • SAP bamb
    You are bothered by blind. LoL daily people with same experience as mine get more than me and they sit beside me work less. I don't know what I must be doing about it 😅
    Oct 31 0
  • Any Ad blocker can zap it
    Nov 5 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Working on Brain Machine Interfaces
    1. TC or GTFO
    2. It is obnoxious only if your TC sucks in Comparison. Otherwise it's just useful information to see if one is undervalued.
    3. Any competitor site that will become popular will inevitably have discussions about TC. After all, a whole bunch of SWE entered this trade because of the TC.
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