How do people that work at Doordash justify their tipping practices?

Spotify / Eng qbeforeu
Jul 22 11 Comments

If I tip a delivery worker, I want 100% of that money to go to the worker, not to offset the company’s costs. Taking employee’s tips is theft.


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  • Amazon / Eng bLif00
    Because they're guaranteeing the pay, they're quite upfront about their model.
    Jul 22 2
    • Cisco behemoth69
      100% goes to the dasher.
      Jul 22
    • Cisco behemoth69
      This is not transparent AT ALL.
      Jul 22
  • Cerner pfdP78
    It’s literally how it works at most restaurants.
    Jul 22 0
  • Microsoft CaughtOnce
    What? I having been paying 10% to Doordash everytime. Screw them
    Jul 22 1
    • Microsoft 🌲fiddy
      My feelings when I found out too. They will offer the driver a minimum for example 6 dollars. If you tip 5 dollars, you pay 5 to the driver and DD pays 1 and the driver gets their 6 dollars. They only see a tip if you tip over the amount DD was going to guarantee for the delivery (in which case you pay the whole delivery fee and the tip is what's left over). It is dishonest theft.
      Jul 22
  • Microsoft 🌲fiddy
    I was so annoyed when I found this out. I only tip cash now. Hopefully DD is losing money on me not subsidizing them anymore.
    Jul 22 1
    • Facebook / Eng QGhE38
      Guess who is losing eventually? The dashers. Just don’t tip. Eventually, something will workout. There are tons of countries which have delivery with a flat charge, no tipping and they are doing fine.
      Aug 5
  • Dell Boomi / Strategy

    Dell Boomi Strategy

    It's common in most ethnic restaurants especially if u pay via card
    Jul 22 0
  • Microsoft C_zar
    tip your delivery guy/waiters in cash.
    Jul 22 0
  • New ulpC55
    easy, the reason is $$$$$
    Jul 22 0


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