How do refreshers work?

Cruise Automation andhcuf
Feb 10 3 Comments

Why staying in one company can benefit you if a company has refreshers?


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  • Cruise Automation andhcuf
    It does, but then there is not much benefit to stick to single company cuz you can pick a company that you expect to grow and you get the same scheme. You also might get a better base. Downside is you have to adopt to a new environment. So, the only benefit of refreshers that I see, it’s if you actually want to stick to this particular company and your day to day routine.
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    • New / Eng sparked
      With that logic though it’s always best for TC is to jump every year...which is true up until no one is willing to hire/invest in you since they know you’re gonna bounce in 12 mos
      Feb 10
  • New / Eng sparked
    In general refreshers work to maintain your current TC YoY; but if you have reason to believe your company will experience significant growth between grant and besting date it can greatly improve TC although this will only be temp. Because next refresher will take into co side ration new market realities..

    Not sure if that answers the question that you’re asking though
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