How do u prepare for mobile interviews at FAANG

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Typical mobile interview nowadays include mobile coding on a machine and mobile design rounds, a little less leetcode...
How best do you guys prepare for mobile interviews at FAANG? Any consolidated resources for mobile?

My onsite exp as mobile eng by company:
fb: bunch of LC easy/medium, code on whiteboard only.
amzn: whiteboard LC medium with mobile design
lyft: they give you laptop to code on xcode/android studio for 2 hours then talk over your solutions
Uber: standard 1 hr rounds with mobile coding on IDE and whiteboard LC
apple: all whiteboard with LC medium
linkedin: same as Uber but mobile questions are slightly easier
msft: same as apple

TC 310k at new company after wework


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    Coding on a machine. NO, whiteboards all the way
    Mobile design rounds. Just like any system design, just expect you to do it for mobile, or mobile interfacing systems.
    Little less leetcode. NO, algs. and data structures are a must
    So try to find resources for mobile system design, leetcode, and you are expected to know info about the platform, dev. guidelines, tech info, platform APIs, store eelease process, etc.
    Nov 15 3
    • WeWork siKx50
      you just gave a bunch of generic comment.

      "whiteboards all the way" the only place still using whiteboard and google doc are google and fb. Most smaller FAANG extensions give u a laptop or coderpad.

      "So try to find resources for mobile system design, leetcode, and you are expected to know info about the platform"

      So im asking if there is a consolidated platform for mobile
      Nov 15
    • New /\
      What does "smaller FAANG extensions" mean? Coderpad is given during phone screens. For actual onsites you need to do coding on whiteboard Laptop? Where did you pick that up?
      Unfortunately there is no consolidated platform. And the amount of resources for mobile system design is almost non-existant compared to backend.
      Nov 15
    • WeWork siKx50
      extension: uber/lyft/airbnb/pin/linkedin/stripe etc.
      Nov 15
  • WeWork siKx50
    a bunch of likes but no comment. sad life :(
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    • WeWork woskxn29
      Where'd you end up OP?
      Nov 18


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