How do you guys cope with the feeling of being mediocre?

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Grew up with parents retelling stories of bill gates and warren buffet. At 28 yr old and L3, I am already behind so many people. Even if I keep at it, maybe Ill make it to l5 by 32. Feel like I won't do any remarkable thing. Don't have artistic talent, so no avenue there. Parents still have high hopes from back home, and I feel like I won't live up to them. I imagine folks from asian/Indian families have similar stories. How do you come up to terms with the fact that you'll probably lead an incredibly average life? This is probably called midlife crisis?


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  • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
    You don’t. You just cry and then move on. Accept defeat. It’s life amigo, not everyone can be a celebrity.

    Maybe start asking yourself why you place so much importance on the standards set by your family. Maybe ask who made them think that high standard was fair.

    If you really want to risk it all, go start your own company. Being an L5 at 31 never crossed Bill Gates mind. He gambled it all super early in life and hit the jackpot. Working for years for a promotion will never get you anywhere close what a visionary can accomplish
    May 19 1
    • Apple gBKo45i
      He also had upper middle class parents and tons of connections, easy to gamble it all when you can run home to mama if it goes south.
      May 26
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Sharmaji ka ladka is obviously doing better than you...
    May 19 1
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    • Qualcomm dynasty001
      Chacha .. kidhar se ho hindustan main ? Mumbaikar?
      May 19
    • Axtria DesiLaunda
      Google me ho aap chacha yeh mediocre nahi hai. Main yaha sad raha hoon.
      May 20
  • Lmao you for real?
    You’re at google with a TC of well over 100k. You’re doing better than 95% of America
    May 19 0
  • Pinterest d8f3j
    Comparison is the thief of joy my friend. Anyone who strives for success alone as its own end is bound to never find it. It’s all about finding that balance.
    May 19 0
  • Apple 🥭es
    What were your parents ? Were they as rich as Bill or Warren ? If not then ask them to GTFO
    May 20 3
    • Amazon Yangxb
      That’s not how the Asian parents thing work
      May 20
    • Intel eKPG80
      East asian here. Asian parents CAN be a problem. They think they can dodge all the blames and what they say is holy. Seriously, I am so thankful that my parents have supported me with love and what not, but sometimes they are so irresponsible. i sometimes want to ask, "why haven't you achieved the things that you say if you have so high of an expectation?". I'm sure there will be 20million legit excuses why they couldn't achieve it but have another 100million reasons why I am in a much better position and why I SHOULD be able to achieve their expectation. I'm like really? Cuz I can name like tons of people that were in the same circumstance as my parnets that have achieved the exepectation that my parents had. A lot of times I feel asian parents are not true to them selves and are very good at lying. Of course I do respect the love and the care they have provided me tho
      May 20
    • Spot on man...
      May 21
  • Bloomberg Terminal!
    Society will keep expecting you to do a lot of things. If you just give in to their expectations you'll never be happy.

    As goes the saying just compare yourself with none else but you. Make sure you are learning and becoming better at your skills and a better person as well. You don't have to find success according to the world's definition of it. Define it yourself and you'll be happy :)
    May 19 0
  • Amazon Cducs
    Why not just tell your family to fuck off because you’re doing better than them?
    May 19 0
  • "Parents still have high hopes from back home, and I feel like I won't live up to them. "

    Hopes in terms of what? Monetary value or celebrity status? Based on the examples you quoted , it gives me the impression of former. First ask yourself, "why you have to live up to your parents expectations?", If you can answer first to yourself then you may find a solution because happiness is a relative term . And 28 is not the age for mid life crisis :), you have a lot of time in your hands. The key is to set your own expectations, not live by someone else's. Go travel, explore , read and figure out what you enjoy.

    PS: I do know how painful some Indian parents can be.
    May 22 2
    • Oracle Makhna
      Yep. OP you are better off travelling, dating getting a GF than asking this question on blind
      May 22
    • Thank you. This makes sense.
      May 22
  • Microsoft tooMuchTC
    Usually, this feeling of mediocrity occurs when we compare ourselves with others; we have been conditioned this way since childhood. Right from academics up until now.
    Your irritation/frustation is internal voice which is forcing you to find some interesting challenge; up until now you always had external challenge which guided your path (academics, engineering, get that job at G, do well in features, find a soulmate etc.)
    You will do well, you are doing well!

    Just for context; as i type, thousands of kids are going to bed tonight without one proper meal a day. You and I have been very lucky! We could have been in their position.
    Don't compare Chaudhary Sahab, Turn inward!
    Aug 18 1
  • Amazon Yangxb
    If you feel that what you are doing is mediocre, and stop now and start doing what you think isn’t mediocre.
    May 20 0
  • Microsoft no-sql
    There are 1000s on blind grinding leetcode and unable to make into fang and this person is talking nonsense about L3 level.
    May 19 0
  • Oracle hh44dddf66
    You are only 28 and already giving up. Go start a company and become the next Zuckerberg.

    Seriously dude.. you r making so much money and that too landed a Google job.

    Don't let your parents define your success. Just get off the terrible Indian parenting mind set.

    Go help the needy. You will be a better person. Rule of life - not everyone will be a Bill Gates or Zuckerberg unless you have done so much good karma in the past.
    May 19 0
  • Arista Networks unVS80
    There are things that will always be out of your control how hard you try to be successful at them like promotions and stuff.

    But but but...

    There are lots of avenues where you can easily beat mediocrity with just persistent efforts.

    Like having read 1000+ books
    Or having traveled to 50+ countries
    Or knowing 3,4 or 5 languages

    Trust me either such thing will be insanely satisfying and thought of being Mediocre will be long gone!!
    May 19 0
  • Google hlp2
    Look at the rest of your family. What would they think of them?

    And is your dad Bill Gates btw? If no, what's wrong with him? Is he a loser then?
    May 19 0
  • Palantir ya know if
    Take a guess at your salary percentile in the world, then check if you’re close. You just need some perspective. Learn to help the community. Giving is a good way to take the focus off youself
    May 19 0
  • LinkedIn mnyRski
    Just relax bud, life is short, n you are not always wrong
    May 19 0
  • Samsung realsam
    You idiot. You are such an idiot. From a financial standpoint, you are in the top 1% of this world you freaking idiot. Get some darn perspective and grow up. My goodness, I can't take this anymore.
    Jun 5 1
  • Sprint oxpy53
    Google ? Mediocre ? God, help me !
    May 19 1
    • Arista Networks unVS80
      Sure why not!
      It’s all relative in the end.
      May 19
  • Amazon Bill.
    Bill Gates and Warren buffet?
    The only person alive who has achieved that level of success is Jeff.

    That is 7.5 Billion people alive that would fail that comparison. You are at Google to plan to make L5 you will be around in the top whatever percent.

    GTFO with a pity story. Just man up and tell your parents you are already a success. You are not average. To accept you as you are.
    May 19 0


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