How do you guys feel about working at FB?

Facebook jegagd
Jan 11 23 Comments

Just trying to see what Blind thinks of working at FB, seems like there’s a lot of disgruntled FB and ex-FB employees but want to see if that’s just a loud minority on the platform. Overall I think working at FB is awesome :)



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  • Salesforce 🥃#neat
    You need “I declined to work at FB” for those of us who rejected job offers at FB. It’s different than “I haven’t worked at FB” if you’re trying to gauge sentiment.
    Jan 11 4
    • Facebook jegagd
      That’s true, I just didn’t think of that. Did you decline to work at FB?
      Jan 11
    • Google / Eng QERc68
      I turned them down.
      Jan 11
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    • Sephora mUyy62
      I think OP should create a rejected by FB option for salesforce folks and most of the others. Would be 95% of blind
      Jan 12
  • Uber Sentinel
    One of the least competent leadership team in corporate America. More time is spent in writing ✍️ useless quips than execution of a project. Veiled people all around who pretend to play nice but easily turn on you come calibration season. Many many more. It was toxic and unhealthy work environment.
    Jan 11 3
    • Salesforce SleRafecos
      You just described Uber except the fact that you guys use Google docs
      Jan 11
    • Uber Huckabee
      You have clearly never worked at Uber.
      Jan 11
    • Salesforce SleRafecos
      Hi bag 👋
      Jan 12
  • Facebook / Eng MPK.
    I recently graduated bootcamp and so far it’s awesome. Facebook treats all its employees extravagantly. Just hoping our stock will go up a bit more.
    Jan 11 7
  • Facebook ujsX74
    Can I choose none of the above? It’s cool but “awesome” is a stretch. There are pros and cons and for me right now the pros in my particular role, projects I’m working on, team and manager outweigh the cons. When that changes I’m out.
    Jan 11 1
    • Facebook jegagd
      What are the main issues you have, if you don’t mind sharing? I agree, I could’ve added options to get a more accurate reading of how people feel
      Jan 11
  • Sephora mUyy62
    There are a lot of bitter jealous rejects out there. Keep that in mind. Not everyone’s company can offer free good food and top comp.
    Jan 11 0
  • Microsoft
    Tier 1


    #1 in Prestige
    Tier 1more
    You need to consider survivor bias.

    What about those who got so frustrated with Facebook that they gave up tech and/or social media altogether, and so aren’t on blind anymore?
    Jan 12 1
    • Facebook ybfee33
      To be fair there’s a flip side to that. Those that thrive in FBs environment and are satisfied with how handsomely they’re being rewarded that they don’t bother with blind
      Jan 12

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